I made a zombie eating brains cake for a Mom that needed a 17th birthday cake for her daughter.  She wanted gore, and brains, and then at the last minute she asked for me to add zombies.

I didn’t know where to begin.  I had never made a fondant person before, let alone a “zombie”.  Surprisingly, I was not able to find many zombie tutorial videos or pages at all.  My inner creativity really had to come through for this one.

How I Made the Zombies Eating Brains Cake

  • I searched online for tips on how to make brain cakes.
  • I didn’t want to use fondant (too sweet) so I used 2 layers of 8 inch round cakes for them. 1 was chocolate and one was vanilla, but the batter was colored red like blood.
  • I used a large round Wilton tip with peach colored Swiss meringue buttercream and just free handed the brain swirls.
  • I used homemade raspberry syrup to create the blood over the brains.
  • I attempted to make a fondant knife, but it was too top heavy so it kind of sank in the cake.
  • I made the zombies using a fondant recipe called Kimberly Chapman’s fondant. Since the writer said it dried rock hard, I knew I needed this fondant to hold up.
  • I eventually watched YouTube videos on how to make fondant people and made the zombie green with a torn up shirt.
  • My 8 year old son said it would be cool to break one of the zombie’s legs, and have one coming out of the brain.

I put it all the ideas together and this is what I got.  Needless to say, the birthday girl loved it!