12th Birthday Brain Cake

I made this brain cake for my son’s 12th birthday. He loved it. I was inspired to make it because he likes zombie games.

Brain Cake Instructions

  • I started by making up two packets of mud cake.
  • When they had cooled I broke them up and added homemade icing sugar.
  • I rolled it into a big ball.
  • Then, I shaped the brain.
  • Next, I covered the brain in buttercream frosting. I made marshmallow fondant and rolled that into long lengths to form the brain.
  • I made the blood with raspberry Lollies, hot water and red food colouring. I had to use a small mustard bottle (cleaned out) to squirt the blood over the brain.
  • I placed the brain on top of a red velvet cake iced in white frosting.
  • I also added the eyeballs I rolled with fondant and decorated with the store bought tubes of icing.

Everyone was grossed out, but the cakes was yummy. :)

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