I made this brain cake for my sister as she recently had brain surgery. I used 2 round red velvet cakes and coloured the cream cheese frosting to pink to ice the brain.

Once I covered the cake in frosting, I made the brain matter with rolled fondant. The fondant was originally white but I just used a little of red food colouring to die the fondant pink. I seperated the brain with a string of fondant in the middle to make it easier for me to separate the brain matter. I just rolled the fondant and made swiggle patterns all over the cake. Then I painted the brain with waterd down food colouring. Once dried, I painted the cake in egg whites to make ithe fondant shiny.

I made the eyeballs with fondant and attached it to the brain. I put fake blood In the syringe, I made it with honey, icing sugar, red and blue food coloring. This was a real fun cake to do, everybody loved it.