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Coolest Baseball Cap Cake 10

by Jennifer C.
(Mason, Ohio)

Homemade Baseball Cap Cake

Homemade Baseball Cap Cake

I bought Cincinnati Reds tickets for my dad for Father's Day, so I made him this Baseball Cap Cake too. The cake is baked in an oven-safe glass bowl.

To make the bill, I used a cake-leveler to cut off a piece of the bottom (flat part) of the cake. This can be done with a knife, but a leveler is so much easier. Either way, you need to support the cake properly when it is sitting on the dome part or it will fall apart. After I cut the bottom off, I cut it in the shape of the bill and put it next to the dome making sure to put the smooth part facing up for easier frosting.

I have never found a satisfactory way to make red, so I used premade red writing frosting and spread it with a butter knife. The "C" is made with chocolate candies and the stripes are pull 'n peel fruit candy. A chocolate candy sits on top like a button. This can be modified to fit any team's colors, but if you can't find pull 'n peel fruit in the correct color, gel writing frosting can be used.

First lightly trace lines with a butter knife in the dome part of the cake's frosting. Then use the gel frosting to trace over that. This will ensure that the lines are straight.

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Baseball Cap 5

by Monelle Wells
(Baton Rouge, LA )

Red Sox Hat Cake

Red Sox Hat Cake

My friend Julie and I made this hat cake for our supervisor who adores the Red Sox. The base is a 10" square iced and covered in white fondant. The hat is half of a Wilton's sports ball pan and an 8" round shaped down to match the half ball shape about 1.5" cut off around the circle.

We used the Wilton's butter cake recipe since it was much more dense and easy to sculpt. That was iced and covered in fondant that was tinted dark blue. We used lots of food coloring and white fondant. The bill of the hat is fondant over thin cardboard and shaped to form. Since we had less time to let it dry we stabilized the bill to the hat and placed toothpicks near the edge so the bill wouldn't fall. The ends were clipped close to the bill's edge and covered with small patches of fondant. Stitching was done with toothpicks and a knife to simulate the stitches.

The B was cut out of fondant and red chocolate candy wafers were used for the B and Red Sox letters. Graham crackers were crushed for dirt and the base was dusted with cinnamon to give it a dirty appearance

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by: Blonnieatl

What would you charge to make a baseball cap to sell? I have 20 caps to make for a retirement party for a truck driver. His wife wants hats for the trucking company for which her husband worked to set on individual tables.

price for cakes
by: Anonymous

I would take the price of ingredients and triple that for the cost + add whatever your time is worth to you for how long it takes.

Stay reasonable though and you may get a lot of business from the event. Have cards or at least index cards with your information ready in case others want to contact you.

by: Lucy

Great Job, will it be possible that you can send me step by step how to do this cake, I will like to make one for my husband.


by: Beth in denver

Thank you for sharing your techniques, I will need them this weekend! :)

by: Marion

My husband is from MA and lives here in UK now since we married - he is a huge Red Sox fan and now I have found the perfect cake - I have had the idea for sometime but now seeing this I must have a go at making it.

by: Anonymous

wow, great job, explaining it! i looked online and yours is the simplest to understand! thanks

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Coolest Baseball Birthday Cake 89

Homemade Baseball Birthday Cake

Homemade Baseball Birthday Cake

I made this Baseball Birthday Cake for my son's 2nd birthday. I looked at a lot of cakes on your website for ideas and combined them with my imagination and some instructions that came with my cake pan.

It was a Duncan Hines pan my Aunt gave me. She was going to sell it in a garage sale and I nabbed it. The cake is chocolate from a mix and the icing is buttercream from a recipe I got off a Wilton pan. I iced the cake and smoothed out the frosting as best I could. After I got the frosting on I ran the knife under hot water and smoothed it out. The stitches are pull apart twizzlers.

The cupcakes are also a mix and the frosting on them is canned green frosting I bought at Christmas time. I drew the little baseballs in paint and printed them at home, taped them back to back over toothpicks. One cupcake was stolen before the picture was taken. I had fun making it and everyone seemed to enjoy eating it. Although the my little niece had green poop for a couple of days from eating too many cupcakes. That was a funny story.

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Awesome cake!
by: Barb

Awesome cake, and funny story.

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