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Coolest Homemade Baseball Birthday Cakes

This was one of the most complicated and detail oriented baseball birthday cakes I ever had to do. With weeks of research and preparation I think it came out great!

The cake comprised of several large round cakes that I carved out the center “stadium”. The rolled fondant was cut out in pieces and decorated with much detail. As a former New Yorker and lifetime Yankee fan it was a great honor and privilege to create this cake for a very satisfied client.

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Cake by Mandy Y., Las Vegas, NV

Coolest Baseball Birthday Cakes

My husband made this cake for our son’s 10th birthday. Our son is a big Baltimore O’ fan. He loves baseball so he asked his dad to make him a jersey cake. My husband used the Wiltons t-shirt pan which we got off e-bay. He used white frosting for the whole cake then trimmed it with Wiltons black and orange icing tubes.

The buttons, ball and bat are made out of fondant. The bat is colored with Wiltons brown gel mixed with water and blotted on with a paper towel. The lacing on the ball is made with red icing. The holes in the buttons are made using a tooth pick.

He said it was a very simple cake to make. Hope this will help others in making their baseball birthday cakes!

Coolest Cardinals Cake

Coolest Cardinals Baseball Birthday Cakes

I did this Cardinals baseball cake for my co-worker’s husband. I did the logo and the pendants that make up the name out of fondant and piped the threads. Next, I cut the logo out of paper in the size I needed, then put that on top of fondant and cut it out piece by piece.

The logo on paper had a black outline so I used a black food writer to go around each piece and make the outline, as well as the details on the cardinals. I always struggle with getting the name on and having it not look out of place.

Next, I used a mold to do the letters and just cut the triangles to look like baseball pendents. I also outlined them and put a line across the top where the stitching would be.

Coolest Cardinals Baseball Birthday Cakes
Coolest Cardinals Baseball Birthday Cakes

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