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Coolest Baseball Cake Ideas, Photos and Decorating Tips

I made this baseball cake using a 10 x 10 cake pan. I then used Wilton buttercream icing to create the ball field. I used the grass tip to make the grass. I purchased the Wilton baseball figures locally and put them on the cake. This was a simple cake to make for a child that loves baseball.

More Baseball Cake Ideas

Cake by Denise N., Lakewood, OH

Coolest Baseball Cake

I made this baseball cake on the spur of the moment. My son wanted Spiderman so I had that all planned in my head but the night before making the cake he changed to baseball. And this is what I came up with.

The actual cake is yellow and I made white cupcakes with extra “grass”. The baseball guys are from a local craft store. I cut the top off of one of the cupcakes and iced it and covered it with Graham cracker crumbs to make the pitchers mound. The base lines are also made from crushed Graham crackers. I used a Wilton “grass” tip for the grass. I also made a scoreboard with my son’s t-ball picture on it and his age as his score.

Cake by Aniska S., McDonough, GA

Coolest Baseball Cake

This cake was done for the softball team of my friend’s daughter. Their uniform colors were red and yellow. That is why the ball is yellow. The cake is similar to a baseball cake; it is a simple playing field. The field is the 12×18 Wilton pan and I used the Wiltons sports ball pan to make the ball. I also used a buttercream icing. The dirt part around the field is crushed graham cracker crumbs. The bases are piped icing that I put on wax paper and put in freezer to harden and cut out.

The girls loved the cake!

Cake by Dolly F., Cypress, TX

Coolest Baseball Cake

The idea for this baseball cake was initiated through Wilton Cake Decorating Beginner’s Guide. I pretty much followed the instructions provided by the manual. I wanted to personalize the cake to my son’s team and that’s where I decided to go a step further.

I had planned to make face icing decorations and place along the outside of the circle with the kid’s names but decided to simply purchase the baseball theme icing decorations. I used red icing for their names which I placed beside an icing decoration and used black for the coach’s name.

This was a big hit at the party; everyone was taking pictures so they could place it in their kids’ scrapbook. The kids loved it because they each saw their name was on the cake.

Cake by Lori O., Auburn, CA

Coolest Baseball Cake

I got the idea for a baseball cake from your website! I used the Wilton ball pans and Wilton frosting recipe. The dirt is graham cracker crumbs that you buy for baking. The little mits on the sides are from Wilton also.

It was a “hit” at my son’s little league end of the season party! Go Rivercats!

Cake by Liane G., Sunrise, FL

Coolest Baseball Cake

This was a really fun baseball cake to make. All cakes were decorated using Wilton Manors Whipped Cream box icing. I created the football from a Wilton Manors Cake pan. The other two were made from a dome cake pan and decorated free hand. The baseball was done with white icing, first just spread around and then piping of red icing. The basketball birthday cake was done with the black outline first and then I used the star tip (#21) to fill in the rest of the area with orange.

The scoreboard was just a large rectangle pan. I trimmed all of the edges to make it flat and even all around. First I spread on the green icing and then piped the outline of the boxes.

Next I microwaved some of the white icing to fill in the boxes (it makes the icing easier to work with). I used a stencil for the lettering. The numbers were just done with a small tip (#2 I think). The numbers are my son’s age and birthday.

His picture was just a scanned picture of his baseball card from this season (I have heard that you can buy edible paper and ink but I have not researched it yet).

Coolest Baseball Cake

Cake by Stacey R., Richmond, VA,

Coolest Baseball Cake

These two cakes I made for my son’s team party. I used Wilton’s t-shirt pan. Decorated it in the team colors and added everyone’s name. It can be customized to any team. I have made it for the Cardinals. With that the shirt was white trimmed in red. I traced the cardinal from the team jersey on to edible paper with edible markers. It’s always a big hit!

Cake by Heather E., Oceanside, CA

Coolest Baseball Cake

I made a large rectangle cake for this baseball cake. I frosted the “field” with white icing and then sprinkled crushed vanilla wafers all over it to look like dirt. I then piped green icing around the rest of the cake for the “grass”. I used white icing for the bases and base lines.

At one of the kid’s games I took individual pictures of each child. I also took photos of the coaches. I cut each picture out and secured toothpicks to the back and placed them on the field.

Cake by Laura M., Frederick, MD

Coolest Baseball Cake

This baseball cake was a desperate attempt at a change from the standard ball cake. I just combined the two usual ideas to make one cake and got a great response.

I used two different tiny red white and blue candies to trim the sides and fondant to make a smooth ball and field. Would love to see more variations as I have another ball cake to do this week!

Cake by Carol C., West Yarmouth, MA.

Coolest Baseball Cake

I used a sports ball cake pan bought at my local craft store for this baseball cake. Iced the bottom sheet cake with white icing and used the decorating spray paint. The colors look more real. I iced the baseball with icing that was thinned out a little with corn syrup and then used a size 16 rosette tip to decorate it. Red icing and red jimmies put on individually with tweezers were really worth it. The laces are what make or break a baseball cake. They have to look good! The baseball candles were a score also at my local Party store.

Cake by Taylor S., Winter Park, FL

Coolest Baseball Cake

My brother’s favorite baseball team is the Atlanta Braves so I decided to make him a baseball cake for his 12th birthday. I first used two cake mixes to fill a 13×9 sheet pan and baked the cake.

I then cut out a jersey shape cake out of a sheet pan. I frosted it with butter cream then covered the cake with white fondant. I cut the Braves logo and tomahawk out of red fondant along with thin strips that became the ribbing of the jersey. I finished by outlining everything in thin blue butter cream icing. Some of the other details include the authentic tag made from fondant with blue icing piping; white buttons made from fondant; and the yellow parts of the tomahawk also made from fondant.

Cake by Kim A., Corydon, IA

Coolest Baseball Cake

I created this baseball cake for a friend’s daughter. She wanted a smaller cake so I used a 9 x 13 pan for the base and then baked the “ball” using a rounded metal mixing bowl. I used about 1 1/2 cake mixes. After frosting the base in green I then put the ball on and covered it with white stars. Next I put on the stitches with red frosting. Adding the bases was easy using white frosting. I then decorated the border by using some stars and dots.

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