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Coolest Baseball Cake Ideas and Decorating Tips

I browsed the Web in search of baseball cake ideas. Finally I came up with this. I used a regular Duncan Hines cake mix and poured half of it into my Pampered Chef Small Batter Bowl and used the other half to make twelve cupcakes. I baked the cake right in the bowl (since it’s oven safe) and when it came out, I inverted it onto a cooling rack.

When it was cool enough, I sliced off a layer of the bottom and slid it forward to become the brim of the “hat”. I iced it with two colors of icing and put a “B” in smarties on the front for my son’s initial and used shoelace licorice strings for the seam lines on the hat. I used the same licorice strings to make the lacing on the cupcakes to make them look like baseballs. They were iced with white frosting.

This is one of those birthday cake recipes that’s real easy to do and the whole process didn’t take much time at all!

Amazing Baseball Diamond Cake

Baseball by Karen K., Phoenix, AZ

Baseball Cake Picture

Coolest Baseball Themed Cake

Cake by Kimberly C., Lexington, SC

Baseball Cake Picture

This cake was made for a 3 year old birthday. He was having a Baseball cake. I made an 11X15″ sheet cake and a 1/2 of a sports ball. The icing was the tricky part. Getting the proper green took me forever. I used brown sugar for the baselines. First, I iced the cake, then put on the ball and after the final touches to the ball I added in the baselines. I used the grass tip to make hedges around the cake sides. Adding the baseball bat candles and baseball players was at the very end. Everyone loved the cake, but next time I will use the heat difuser when cooking the cake. I was so afraid that the cake was not going to be done in the middle.

Cool Homemade Birthday Cake and Cupcakes

Cake by Carol R., Boston, MA

Baseball Cake Picture

Awesome Phillies Cake

Cake by Kathy H., Scranton, Pennsylvania

Baseball Cake Picture

My son is a huge Philadelphia Phillies fan and he wanted a “Phillies” birthday party and a Phillies baseball cake. First I baked 2 standard cake mixes in a round cake pan (be sure to grease and flour the pan before adding the cake mix). I baked the cake in the oven at 350 degrees for 1 hour. I let the cake cool, and dumped the cake upside down on a platter to have a smooth surface to work on.

After the baseball cake cooled, I frosted it with vanilla frosting, white for the color of a baseball. Next, I traced the “Phillies” emblem on the cake with a toothpick, and filled in the toothpick marks with red cake gel. I traced the stars above the “i”‘s and again filled in the toothpick marks with blue cake gel. Then, I colored in the emblem and stars with red and blue, respectively, with sugar crystals. I added the baseball curvatures with red cake gel. Now you have a Philadelphia Phillies baseball cake!

Incredible Birthday Cake Idea

Cake by LuJuana T., Howe, OK

Baseball Cake Picture

Hunter was turning 7 years old. He loves baseball so we made him a Field of Dreams baseball cake!! He told his MawMal he wanted him up to bat and him hitting the ball over the fence. This was the best we could do, he loved it.

We also had a candle that lit up, so that it looked like a scoreboard. I sent out baseball shaped invitations. We also had baseball plates and napkins. The kids played t-ball in the yard. It was a grand slam of a party and baseball cake!!!!

Baseball Cake Picture

Cool Red Sox Cake

Cake by Sara L., Rockville, MD

Baseball Cake Picture

The Red sox finally won the World Series after 86 long years!!! We made a baseball cake in the shape of Fenway Park and we think it turned out pretty great!

Invitations were made in the shape of baseball pennants, ice cream was served in mini baseball caps, and the goody bags were a pack of baseball cards, and a Redsox baseball cap. We played baseball in the backyard, and had a longest hit with a mini baseball contest. The party and the baseball cake was a huge hit!

Adorable Baseball Cake

Cake by Silvia M., Miami, Florida

Baseball Cake Picture

Cool Home Run Cake

Cake by Laura R., Irvine, CA

Baseball Cake Picture

I made this baseball cake for my son’s end of baseball season party. First I baked two round cakes frosted in butter cream. I used crushed graham crackers, cinnamon and nutmeg for the dirt. I used powdered sugar for the white lines and the specified tip for the grass. The bases were chewing gum. I bought the baseball players at my local craft store. The baseball cake was a hit!

Cool Homemade Cakes

Cake by Danielle B., College Station, TX

Baseball Cake Picture

This baseball cake was for a friend’s birthday, he’s a big Red Sox fan and I thought he would enjoy this. I started with a really great cake recipe and split it into 2 sphere-shaped baking pans.

Let them cool completely and cut the bottom off the bigger one so it sits flat on the plate. Cut the 2nd one in the shape of a brim. Ice the pieces in your teams’ colors and top it off with a letter or design!! (Navy Blue Icing: Make purple – equal parts red and blue- and add some extra blue dye). I hope this baseball cake recipe helps!
Baseball Cake Picture

Baseball Cake Picture

Awesome 3D Baseball Cake

Cake by Terri S., Wylie, TX

Baseball Cake Picture

To make this baseball cake I made a sheet cake that I cut down to a square. I took the remaining half of the cake to make the point of the diamond, frosted the cake in white butter cream and smoothed it.

Once dry, I used crushed graham cracker crumbs to make the home plate “dirty”. Then I baked cakes in Wilton Ball Pan and put cake halves together to form the ball. I used dowel rods inserted into the baseball cake to hold the ball on home plate. I used a star tip to decorate the baseball cake – after having marked the name of the team and piping it in.

Baseball Cake Picture

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