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Coolest Baseball Hat Birthday Cake 8

by Kim P.
(Grand Prairie, Texas)

Texas Ranger Baseball Hat Birthday Cake

Texas Ranger Baseball Hat Birthday Cake

My father is a big Texas Ranger Baseball fan so I decided to make him a baseball hat birthday cake for his birthday.

This turned out to be a very simple cake, I took two 8 inch round cakes and sculpted very slightly to make the shape of the hat, then covered it in fondant. I used my fondant embossing tool to make the stitching, used two different icing tips to make the sweat holes and made a template for the T and the bill of the hat.

For the bill I mixed fondant and gumpaste and cut it out in the shape to fit the cake and attached it with a little bit of clear vanilla. I also added a couple of cupcakes decorated like baseballs to top it off. He was excited to see how real it looked.

Comments for Coolest Baseball Hat Birthday Cake 8

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by: Anonymous

A very realistic looking baseball cap, looks fantastic.

How cool!!
by: Anonymous

I am going to attempt to make a NY cap for my 6 yr old twins who will love a cake like this for their birthday. I just wish you had given step by step instructions but what a great job you have done.

where do you find fondant
by: Anonymous

where do you find fondant?

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Coolest Baseball Sports Bag Cake 47

by Dena B.
(Beaumont, Texas)

Homemade Baseball Sports Bag Cake

Homemade Baseball Sports Bag Cake

This Vanilla cake was sculpted from a single layer 12x18 sheet pan cut in half and then stacked. The baseball sports bag cake is iced with buttercream icing and then a layer of white chocolate fondant is laid over the buttercream.

The wrinkles in the bag were pressed into the fondant by pushing the fondant into the buttercream under it. The Ball, glove and bat were sculpted from a mixture of white chocolate and corn syrup. The ball and bat were then covered with fondant.

The details were pushed through a clay gun and glued onto the cake with piping gel. Thinned green buttercream was then spread onto the board and sponged for texture. The cake was then airbrushed to add shadows. That's All!

Comments for Coolest Baseball Sports Bag Cake 47

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by: Amy

You did a GREAT job! I think this is the most creative cakes I've seen on this site. It looks like it was hard and took a lot of time. GREAT JOB!

Ummm WOW!
by: Meechie

What an amazing job you did.. great detail! I am impressed. This must have taken you a while!

by: Anonymous

Wow it so looks real!!! You did an awesome job, great detail!!!

I did a double take
by: Anonymous

This looked so real I ha to look twice! It looks so real!!! I didn't know cakes could look that real! Job well say the least!

Instructions for baseball sports bag cake 47
by: Anonymous

This is cake is absolutely wonderful. Can you tell how you made the sports bag? Is that 2 layers stacked on top of each other? Did you actually shape the cake underneath by cutting it or just what?

Please give the instructions as I have a friend that has a daughter having a birthday soon and she would like to have this cake.

by: Stacy

Can you send me every detail about how you did this cake? I have a friend who has a daughter having a birthday in the next couple of weeks that would like this cake. You may email the instructions to This is an absolutely wonderful cake.


by: Anonymous

My son's birthday party is in two weeks. I would love to know how to make this cake. Could you please send me every detail of how to make it? Thanks!!

chocolate and corn syrup?
by: Anonymous

are you willing to share your chocolate, corn syrup recipe for shaped edible items?

Please, Please
by: Anonymous

This cake is awesome..I would love to try it for my son's birthday party next week. Can you send me all the instructions???? I would really appreciate it.. I am sure my son would too =)

love this cake
by: Anonymous

Could you please send me all the instructions for this cake and for the chocolate and syrup instructions also. I would be greatly thankful.

by: Anonymous

This is the most awesome cake!

by: Anonymous

This cake looks awesome!! Great job.

by: Audrey

Wow, Unbelievable!! Amazing Talent...

by: Anonymous

That looks so realistic! Very cool!

by: Mary

Is it possible to get the instructions for this cake? My son is a huge baseball fan and loved this when I showed it to him. You can email instructions to Would be greatly appreciated.

by: Anonymous

Absolutely love this cake! Wonderful job! Would you be willing to email me detailed instructions??

My baseball fanatic would love this cake for his b-day.

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Coolest Baseball Mascot Cake 44

by Mel S.

Baseball Mascot Cake

Baseball Mascot Cake

I made this baseball mascot cake for a friend's birthday party. She is really into baseball so I figured the mascot for her home team would be perfect. Thus the Philly fanatic cake was born.

I made this cake by baking two 9" round pans and one small Pyrex bowl( yes this can go in your oven). I then shaved the cakes down to form an octogon shape. I covered this guy with homemade buttercream using the Wilton star tip and the pull out option to make his fur.

He was a real success at the party and I think he turned out great!

Comments for Coolest Baseball Mascot Cake 44

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Just what I am looking for
by: Linda

I love your cake and was hoping you could send me some detailed directions on shaping the Philly phanatic. I am hoping to make a cake just like it for my grandson's birthday.

by: Anonymous

hey question for you would you be willing to make that cake again for my grooms cake..or explain how exactly you made it thanks.

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Coolest Baseball Cake Idea 85

by Darbi
(Zambia, Africa)

Homemade  Baseball Cake Idea

Homemade Baseball Cake Idea

I used a 9x13 pan to bake the bottom of the Baseball Cake Idea, and then used a Wilton icing tip to cover it to look like grass. I then used half of a Wilton ball pan to make the baseball on top of the grass. I iced it using a star tip with white icing, and I used red M&M's to make the laces on the baseball.

My 5 year old loved it!

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Coolest Baseball Jersey Cake 49

by Melanie
(Ashland, KY)

Homemade Baseball Jersey Cake

Homemade Baseball Jersey Cake

I made this baseball jersey cake for my son's 10th birthday because he plays for the Braves Little league.

I used a Wilton jersey cake pan. I decorated it with fondant and blue icing. I made Braves stencil and cut out red fondant for the logo. It was a smash hit.

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