I made this cake for my daughter’s sixth birthday and the theme was a Princess Tea Party.

To begin, I selected a full-sized Barbie Doll which meant I had to stack the cake quite high. I made two cakes, one vanilla, one chocolate (both from a mix) and baked them, one at a time, using the Pampered Chef large batter bowl. After they had cooled and firmed up (freezer) I cut each cake into three layers, cut out the middle in each layer and then stacked them, alternating chocolate and vanilla, with buttercream icing in between.

I used buttercream icing to crumb-coat the cake and add shape to it, filling in and shaping the awkward overhanging layers. Then came the fun part: decorating. I began by placing a large yellow fondant cut-out on the front, and then with a serrated knife I made the criss-cross pattern where I would later add the silver edible balls. To finish the skirt detail, I used the Wilton #16 tip to pipe on the buttercream icing in two shades of pink.

Next I prepared the Barbie by wrapping her legs and torso in plastic wrap and covering her in a yellow fondant bodice with a pink heart on the front and yellow butterfly on the back to hide the seam. Then I trimmed the bodice in pink stars. I also styled Barbie’s hair and decorated her up- I used little pink fabric roses which were pinned in.

Finally I added the tea party details. I was lucky and found “tea set candles” at a local party store. These included the tea pot, which Barbie is holding. Each tea cup is placed on a fondant heart/butterfly cut-out.

This homemade Barbie tea party birthday cake was a lot of fun and was my second time incorporating fondant. To serve, I cut through the top three layers first, and then worked my way around before cutting into the bottom three layers.