The mold of the Bear Birthday Cake is a 2 piece contraption that clips together. I thought I had it fastened properly but did not. I poured the batter into it, put it in the oven where the batter proceeded to flow out like hot lava all over the place. Luckily I put the mold on a cookie sheet like the directions said to do, which caught the flowing batter. That attempt got scraped when I peaked into the over and seen my bear mold was flat on its side, floating in what looked like a sheet cake.

Now I’m off on a trip to the grocery store to purchase more ingredients at 8PM at night in pouring down rain. As my luck would have it, the grocery store didn’t have a pound cake mix. Now in panic mode, bought some bisquick and figured I’d try using that instead. The batter was much thicker this time and the taste was fine – I’d recommend the bisquick over pound cake for this mold.

The second try only had a drop or 2 of batter leaking out and it turned out perfect. Bed time now. On to decorating in the morning. Decorating was a 3 hour process. Could have been shorter for the “normal” person, but I got into one of my OCD tangents and it had to be perfect or close to it.

Decorating went well. I was pleased with the outcome and left the cake proudly displayed in the middle of my kitchen island where no one would bump it. I remember thinking, I should get a picture of it now before it gets ruined or SOMETHING. Nahhhhh, It’ll be fine.

That was all well and good for about an hour. That was until the sun shifted in the sky and WARM sun rays came beaming through my kitchen window onto the island where my perfect little bear cake was peacefully resting. Note to self: Sun rays and frosting do not mix. While straighten up the house getting ready for my daughter’s birthday party, I happen to glance over at the bear cake and noticed that his poor little arms had completely fallen off!! All the frosting on the front of the bear from the neck down was slowly running down the front of the cake like soap bubbles on a pain of glass!

Now to make room in my fridge for this bear to cool before it looks like a scalped bear!! An hour later I pulled the mess out of the fridge, reclaimed the icing by pulling out parts of cake and pieces of red and green frosting. Of course all my Wilton cake decorating tips had been washed and put a way. I pull it all back out, AGAIN, and start RE-decorating the beast!!

It still came out pretty good. The first one was better, but I was still pleased with the 2nd. My daughter was pleased and that’s what counts. Here it is for you to see. My daughter loved it.