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Coolest Green Fire Breathing Dragon Cake 85

by Marteen
(Melbourne, Australia)

Homemade Green Fire Breathing Dragon Cake

Homemade Green Fire Breathing Dragon Cake

Homemade Green Fire Breathing Dragon Cake
Homemade Green Fire Breathing Dragon Cake
Homemade Green Fire Breathing Dragon Cake

This green fire breathing dragon cake was for a boy's 3rd birthday cake, HAS to be colorful and bright. It was a choice between a fire engine or a dragon, and I chose dragon because I thought that sculpting with fondant would be FAR MORE FUN. And it was.

I did a practice run a week before the party, made a dragon (only) out of (500g packet) white fondant, and it looked great and I played around until I was happy with the sculpture. I popped it in the fridge to use as a reference.

Four days before the party, I colored my fondant and made the final green dragon. I used a round measuring cup (half a sphere) in it's belly, as I didn't want to make it out of solid fondant. The head and body are separate pieces. Body and tail were made first, and the legs and "spines/spikes" were added. For the head I used "shaping tools" to mold the nose and eye sockets. I based the dragon sculpture on my own design - seriously it's not that hard once you get started - getting the shape of the head and nose was the most important and it's pretty hard to get wrong.

I added the colored spots, and popped it (uncovered) in the fridge to dry.

The following night I made all the leaves as separate pieces (in varying shades of green). For the flames, I used my imagination to stylize the fire - curves were easy to make and given the sat up off the cake, had great impact. I supported the flames position by laying them over a spoon, and popped them and the leaves into the fridge to dry uncovered.

Hint - make more leaves than you think you'll need. Use this opportunity to make a few flowers or something out of left over bits of fondant. Make a NUMBER (mines was "3") as well... it all dries beautifully in the fridge - but not concrete solid, the fondant can still bend and crack. Handle with care!

Two nights before the party, I made two BUTTER cakes (in a 25cm deep square tin). Baked separately. I wrapped them well, in glad wrap and froze each cake. The night before the party I assembled the lot.

I cut/leveled my two cakes, while frozen, and stuck them together with icing, and gave them a crumb coat, all using Better Crocker pre-made icing (stuff you buy in a tub, I had too much else to do to worry about making icing as well). I popped back in the freezer for about 20mins, and then took it out and started assembling.

Assembling took about 1.5 hours. I smoothed/perfected the crumb coat layer as much as I could. I made/rolled out blue fondant, and covered the cake. The corners where the fondant didn't want to smooth out well, I covered with flowers cut out using a cookie cutter - just a sweet cover up.

I chose the position for my dragon, and started to layout his bed of leaves. Then placed the dragon on top - using a bit of icing to stick him down.

Note - because my cake was frozen, and all bits and pieces were cold from the fridge, they began to sweat. No biggie, however I'm sure a professional would have advised you to simply leave all items out in the open in a dry place... but not sure. The sweating did NO harm. I carved out a hole in his mouth, to push the fire end into. I stuck down the "3" and additional flowers with icing.

End result - WOW - huge success. HUGE.

500g fondant for practice dragon
500g for final dragon
500g for leaves, number and blue base covering (may have had a spare pack around just in case for the blue backing base.
1 tub of Betty Crocker icing.
2x butter cake packet cake mixes.
GEL icing colors (not the liquid, so I got intense colors - though doesn't matter what you use really).

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by: Anonymous

What a fabulous cake. I'll give it a go for sure.
My son has seen it and requested it.

Love the sculpture, something to aim for.

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