I learned a lot from this Homemade Lego Star Wars Cake Design but mostly about Star Wars. I started by researching the movies, characters and famous scenes that played out. I started with the fondant characters a week in advance because I knew they would take a while. I find MMF doesn’t dry hard enough so either use some tylose powder in the mix or use store bought fondant. I like to have lots of drying time. I extruded lots of lightsabers…more dry time I made a stint for the name using the star wars font and then dried it on a pan for the curve.

I airbrushed the Marshmallow fondant for both layers black, and silver top. I love airbrushing because it saves your hand muscles from kneading fondant and way less streaks. I tried a Debbie Brown technique for the top tier. It’s a two piece fondant application where you roll on the side and then cut a top to fit. Worked great. love her books and admire her sculpting.

Then I assembled the cake and prayed it got to location in one peace. This little guy wanted a blue cake. Well instead of just adding colouring paste I used Debbies’ idea which was a pack of jello in the batter. Worked great and gives that vanilla cake a punch of flav. My little guys drooled the whole time I made this! I hope this inspire you.