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Coolest Lego Star Wars Cake Design

For my son’s 7th birthday, he chose Lego Star Wars as his theme. After searching the internet for weeks, I put a little something together…even if the finished product was not part of the plan.

The Lego Star Wars Cake Design is made using 2-11×15 sheet pans and a Wilton star. The icing is buttercream, although all the stars are covered in fondant. The Lego’s are chocolate and were made by first creating a mold using actual Lego’s and a food grade pourable silicone. It’s hard to see, but LEGO is actually on each “bump”.

Using Photo shop, I cropped out Obi Wan’s head and put a picture of my son in his place. I then took it to a local bakery and they printed the image onto edible paper. I wanted to get the Star Wars font just right, so I had Star Wars and Jaden printed on edible paper at the bakery, as well. I then used buttercream and a small star tip to fill it in. This is not how I would suggest you do it, by the way.

The mini figures were made by forming solid colored fondant into a Lego mini figure ice mold. Then, I went about decapitating them and matching the heads up with their correct colored bodies. You’ll notice the icing on the sides and top are not very smooth.

This is my first cake, so I am allowed some rookie mistakes. However, the cake was a hit and my son enjoyed it. I guess that’s what matters the most.




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