We made this Mater birthday cake for my son’s 2nd birthday and it was our first attempt with rolled fondant. It was well worth the end result and a little bit of trail and error.

The cake is a box cake and any icing used is “decorators icing”. We started with a car cake pan – can get at any hobby store that sells cake supplies and 2 loaf pan cakes. The car is Maters head, windshield and rear view mirror. We cut the front flat to make him look more truck like. Used the loaf pans as his hood and bed. The extra round parts from the front of the car are the built up headlights – could use Twinkies also.

We covered the windshield and side windows with white fondant and the doors with a pale green. Then covered the entire cake with large brown rolled fondant. It had to overlap to cover correctly and it formed the perfect mouth. Have to smooth with fingers. Cut out windows and doors. Rust look is painted on with cheep paint brush and a little bit of watered down food coloring – green, blue and brown. Do not use a lot or it will pull fondant off.

Candy used for all decorations – tires – rolled black string licorice, head lamp – fruit roll up, teeth – orbit gum, engine – Reese’s cup, rear view mirrors – heat two mini Hershey’s stick together with two tooth picks coming out to hold them to cake. Lights on top -dots cut in half. Tow gear in back -chick o sticks and rear bumper is yellow and black fondant cut into v shapes and pressed together. License plate A-113 also out of fondant.

Best looking cake we ever made – only problem is we started way too early – 7 days before party and cake was ruined when we cut into it. Freeze cakes and give yourself two full days to work on it and enjoy!