I made this Mickey and Minnie Mouse Children’s Birthday Cake for my niece’s 3rd birthday. She had a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme, and I thought this would be a great surprise for her. I used the Williams and Sonoma Build-A-Bear cake pan and made a few minor adjustments to turn the bear into two mice in profile. Typically this mold is used to create a free standing, three dimensional bear. Instead, I decided to lay the two halves on their sides to create a bas-relief of Mickey and Minnie facing one other. I did this primarily for ease of transport, but in the end, I think it was more interesting having two rather than just one character represented on the cake.

To frost and decorate the cake, I bought a can of black decorating frosting, a can of regular vanilla frosting, and some candy embellishments. I used rice cakes to make the ears as it seemed that they would hold up better than cookies, and were roughly the right size and shape to create the correct proportions. I used food coloring with the vanilla frosting to get the pink for Minnie’s dress, the red and yellow for Mickey’s shoes and shorts, and the orange color for their faces. I used a piece of peppermint candy for the button on Mickey’s shorts and Rainblo grape bubblegum for the noses.

As for the cake itself, I used a standard Duncan Hine’s yellow cake but added an extra egg and a small box of vanilla pudding and pie mix so that it would be dense enough to retain the shape of the mold. The cake tasted good, but is dense and not like the usual light and fluffy texture you expect with a boxed cake mix.

All in all, this cake took me roughly 4 hours to create. I am a novice cake maker, and this was my first attempt at a character cake. Everyone was really impressed with how well it turned out, and the birthday girl loved her special surprise. It was well worth the time and effort it took putting it together.