When I first decided to make this Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake for my daughter’s 2nd birthday, I was a bit nervous. I am not exactly “crafty”. But, I knew how much she loved the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, & I always enjoy a challenge, so I thought, why not try it?

The cake was actually surprisingly easy to make! I made the hand, foot, slide, head, & ears a few days before hand. To make the hand, I used a Styrofoam ball then used lollipop sticks covered in aluminum foil (to make them thicker) for the fingers. I stuck the fingers into the ball, covered it in white fondant and voila!

Next, I shaped aluminum foil into a foot shape. I covered that in yellow fondant. Both the arm & the leg are portions of paper towel rolls covered in black fondant. The head & ears are simply Styrofoam balls spray painted black (I used the same size balls for the ears & the hand).

The “upslide” was the tricky part – I had read that people used flexible tubing, but I could not find any. I finally settled on buying a foam ring for making wreaths. I cut the ring in half, carved out the uncovered portion of the slide at the bottom, and covered it in blue fondant. I also used a portion of the foam ring to make a “leg” to support the slide.

The rest of the cake was even simpler! I made 2 13X9 rectangular cakes for the grass & covered them in green frosting. I baked a cake in a round glass bowl (be sure to check that your bowl is oven safe!) for the actual clubhouse. This I frosted red. Next, I put it all together. For the finishing touch I added all the characters. . .they are from the package of Mickey Mouse confetti from our local party store.

My daughter was so excited with the cake! I am glad that I made it!