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Coolest Peace Sign Petshop Toys Cake 38

by Christina
(Finksburg, MD)

Homemade Peace Sign Petshop Toys Cake

Homemade Peace Sign Petshop Toys Cake

My daughter wanted a Peace and Petshop birthday cake and after looking on the internet for different cakes I decided to come up with my own design of a Peace Sign Petshop Toys Cake.

I used a 12” round cake pan which I found at a party store. I used almost 8 cups of yellow cake batter (a little less than 2 boxes of yellow cake mix) and cooked for about 50-55 min. I kept checking to see if it was done since it was such a big cake.

I popped the cake out and let it cool and then made up a batch of lavender frosting. I used plain white frosting out of a can (because we like that and it was easy) and added food coloring until I got the shade I wanted.

I took a piece of parchment paper and used the bottom of the 12” cake pan and made a circle the exact same size as the cake and cut it out. I then free hand drew a peace symbol with pencil and put it on top of the cake and held it in place with toothpicks so it didn’t move around. I did cut the top of the cake off because it was too tall (but that of course makes frosting the top much more difficult). Once the template was in place I used a very sharp knife to cut out the design and then pulled out the pieces of cake in the middle of the peace symbol that didn’t belong.

First, I frosted the inside sides of the cake with lavender frosting. Very challenging because the edges are exposed cake but if you really get a lot of frosting on your knife – or cake spatula- and don’t spread too thin it goes OK. Then I frosted all of the remaining sides with lavender frosting and then did the top. I smoothed out the whole thing with my cake spatula.

I used about 1.5 cans of frosting for the lavender. Then I used another can of white frosting and split it into thirds and made orange, pink and green frosting. I have 3 cake decorating bags and tons of “writing” tips so I used the pink to write the message and then I used the other colors to make the outline of the flowers and colored them in with the same tip since the flowers weren’t very big. I used the same tips to do the flowers on the outside of the cake and I used different colors for the center of the flowers. I didn’t color in the flowers on the sides of the cake I just put a dot in the middle. I used the flower tip to do the pink trim around the bottom. Then I picked a few of her favorite Petshops and put them on the top of the cake (after they were washed). They are top heavy so use ones with four legs and/or smaller heads and you really have to push them into the cake, but gently push.

My daughter loved it. She said it looked “professional”. I love making my kid’s cakes and they always love seeing what it looks like when I am done.

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