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Coolest Littlest PetShop Cottage Birthday Cake

I did this Homemade Littlest PetShop Cottage Birthday Cake for my niece’s 7th Birthday. She loves the Littlest PetShop toys and wanted that to be the theme of her cake. She actually saw a cake on your website that she loved and I used it as my guide.

I baked two 13 x 9 (Butter Recipe Golden) cakes. I made some Wilton buttercream frosting and tinted it green, then put a layer of frosting on the bottom cake and stacked the other on top. Next I covered the cakes in more frosting, leaving a little oval for the pond (which I dug out a bit for depth). Then I made the trees, flowers, pet shop and fence with sugar cookies. I had the flower cookie cutter for the flowers, but I had to improvise for the rest. Then I iced all of the cookies with thinned out Wilton Royal Icing that I tinted with the different colors of coloring gel.

Before I baked the flowers I stuck a green toothpick in them for the stem. The center of the flowers are miniature chocolate chips. When making the trees, I partially used a large flower cookie cutter and rotated it to form the leaves of the trees and made a long trunk so that I could secure it deep into the cake.

The pet shop is made of four 2” x 4” rectangles for the front, back and roof and two 2” x 2” squares for the sides which I topped with a triangle. Next time I would make the roof slightly bigger (probably close to 3” x 4”) because I ended up having a gap on the top and below which I filled in with some of the leftover buttercream frosting. I “glued” the shop together using the royal icing. It worked really well. I also cut out a door. I iced the pet shop white and the roof pink and did rows of u’s to make the roof look a little cottage-like. I added some windows and shutters also with royal icing.

The pond is also made of royal icing tinted blue and I didn’t mix it completely, so you can see streaks of blue in it which gave it a cool water effect.

I had extra cookie dough and I made a welcome mat for the house and the sign. I used edible pens to write WELCOME on the mat and PET SHOP on the sign. I used flower sprinkles to make the path.

I added a little more green coloring to my green Buttercream to make it a bit darker and used a grass tip for the grass.

Finally, I added some Littlest Petshop animals and my niece and her friends/family absolutely loved it.

Homemade Littlest PetShop Cottage Birthday Cake

3 thoughts on “Coolest Littlest PetShop Cottage Birthday Cake”

  1. Wow, you have truly outdone yourself! The fence on this cake is truly amazing, all of the detailing is gorgeous! OF COURSE any little girl would love this cake! Great job, Mollie! It is a piece of art!

  2. Well done Mollie, what an amazing cake and clever use of techniques. What a shame to have cut the cake after so much work! It looks beautiful.


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