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Coolest Littlest Petshop Cake

I love to make my children’s birthday cakes every year. I’m usually inspired by a combination of cakes I find all over the internet…including “coolest-birthday-cakes.com. I made this Homemade Littlest Petshop Cake for my daughter’s 6th birthday. I always make homemade frosting; it’s a huge hit at every party.

Recipe for buttercream frosting: 4c powdered sugar, 1 c (1 stick) softened butter, 1 c shortening (I know!!), 1-2 tsp vanilla flavoring. Blend ingredients together with a mixer on med-high to high until it’s fluffy. Depending on how much frosting I need or how large the cake is, I one and a half or double the recipe. I did 1 and 1/2 the recipe for this cake and I had just enough.

A couple days ahead of time I made all of the little items on the cake…rocks, lily pad, birthday cake/candle and cattails. I purchased flesh colored and pastel colored fondant from Michael’s. Rocks were made simply using the light brown flesh fondant and forming little rocks of different sizes and shapes. Placed them all on foil. Cattails were light brown fondant rolled and shaped. Stuck a brown dyed toothpick in one end. I used brown food coloring gel. I wasn’t thrilled with the toothpicks.

The lily pad was made using the green pastel fondant. I pressed a thin piece of the fondant onto a leaf patterned glass plate and then pinched around the edge to make it uneven and tapered. The cake was made using pink and blue fondant stack and rolled into shape. I cut a piece of yellow fondant with a scalloped edge and molded it around the little cake. I pressed the sprinkles into the yellow fondant but found they weren’t sticking so I painted on some corn syrup. Didn’t work out too well, but sprinkles stayed in place.

I purchased the ready made fondant flowers from Hobby Lobby or Walmart and the Littlest Petshop figurines from Target. Finally, you’ll need some clear piping gel for the water. I purchased it tub from Hobby Lobby and tinted it with blue coloring gel. You don’t need a lot of the blue coloring. It tints very easily. I thought I used a little too much blue. I frosted the entire cake white…all sides and the top.

I marked off where my water would go with a toothpick by dragging it through the frosting lightly. I tinted a portion of the frosting green and frosted over the white, excluding the water section. I frosted over the water water frosting with the blue gel. Lastly I piped green grass around the edges of the cake and coming out from under some of the rocks. Accessorize with your fondant and figurines to your desire.

Homemade Littlest Petshop Cake

Homemade Littlest Petshop Cake

Homemade Littlest Petshop Cake

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