One of my friend’s came to me and asked me to make a cake for her son’s birthday. She told me that he likes pirates very much especially their ships and wanted me to do something awesome for her son. She also gave me some playmobil toys which of course represent pirates to put them on the cake so that after the party her son would keep them and play with them.

So I wanted to create a scene wherein there is this big pirate’s ship which has just defeated another pirate’s ship and now they have conquered treasure island.

I made the ship out of pound cake. I place the rectangular pieces of cake on top of each other and cut the front part in the shape of a V so to create the front of the ship. I placed some small pieces of cake on the top to form staircases and covered the whole thing with brown fondant. With a ruler I made the signs of the wooden beams all over the ship.

For the railings I used some chocolate coated peanuts and placed them on the front part of the top then I rolled a piece of brown fondant and placed it on them. I inserted 2 wooden skewers and placed some white rice paper for the sails. The canons and the anchor were all made out of fondant.

I did the same thing for the sinking ship but used a smaller cake because I wanted just the very front part to show and made a black patch of fondant on the side to look as if a cannon ball went through it. The broken wooden skewer helped to make it looking more damaged. And last but not least I used some roughly cut pieces of cake and piled them to create the island and covered it with grey fondant together with some other pieces that looked like rocks. I placed the dolls on the cake and spread blue and white royal icing all over the board to create the effect of the sea with of course some shark fins coming out of it.

The writing on the sails was really like the cherry on the cake because it made the birthday boy smile when he saw it!.