This Homemade Toy Story 3rd Birthday Cake is the first time I ever made a cake with marshmallow fondant. I used a recipe I found online and trained myself how to prepare the fondant from watching a youtube video. I did one practice round about a week before the party date just to be sure it wouldn’t end up a total disaster. I learned that you do not need to refrigerate marshmallow fondant overnight. It is actually harder to work with if you do. I also bought extra ingredients just in case a batch didn’t come out.

I made a two layer cake the day before I decorated the cake. I also made and colored my fondant the day before and wrapped each color separately. I used gel coloring in chocolate brown, bright white, and blue. I found it much easier to add the coloring to the melted marshmallow mixture, rather than waiting to kneed it in later. Before I covered the cake in fondant, I spread a homemade chocolate buttercream frosting inside and over the cake to give the fondant something to stick too.The only really tricky part was picking up the blanket and moving it to the cake. I did have to remake the blanket when I wasn’t able to move it onto the cake successfully. Good thing I bought those extra ingredients!

I got most of my ideas from this website and put them together to make my own creation. I used long pretzels for my posts, whoppers candy for the end post (though you can just roll a ball of brown fondant), and graham crackers for the headboard and pillow. The base of the cake is a piece of cardboard covered with wood grained contact paper to look like hardwood flooring. I bought the Toy Story figures in a set and my son loves to play with them. The party guests were amazed that I made the cake myself.

It took a lot of work, but it was worth it. Happy 3rd Birthday Ivan!