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Coolest Rainbow Fish Cake 32

by Kim Holbert
(Clearfield, PA)

Rainbow Fish Cake

Rainbow Fish Cake

I got the idea off of the internet after combining 2-3 other ideas and using the fish in the book Rainbow Fish for my color concept.

The rainbow fish cake is 2 9 in rounds. I colored cream cheese icing to make it Rainbow Fish colored. The lips are lollipops, the fins are a 1 lb bar of choc covered in icing and held up by skewers in the cake. (I think the 1 lb was too heavy but the proportions were right). I spent an hour just separating the M&M's so that I could custom mix the colors for the scales. One 24 oz bag has just over enough blue for the scales.

I used a hot knife and a warmed up(warmed up in the hot kitchen just by laying around) bar of choc the stuff I trimmed off of the ends of the bar became the top and bottom fins. And the cut on the side became bribes to my 3 yr old to let me finish in peace.

I found icing the fins after they were on the cake easier than before putting them on. I used a fork to make the lines on the fins.

I also found putting the candies up on top of each other (slightly) gave it more of a 3D effect rather than a lot of gaping holes for where the circles didn't come together.

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Well Done
by: Andy

That's is a fantastic cake, I am so going to try copying it for my daughter, thank you and well done!!

Great Advice
by: Anonymous

Thanks for all your tips!! I would have never thought of chocolate bars for the fins. Beautiful cake, I hope mine turns out as nice as yours.

by: Anonymous

Thanks so much for this idea, im gonna use it for fathers day, as my father likes fishing. It's fantastic. :]

Perfect cake for my diver Dan
by: Judi Kenney

Hi-this an amazing cake design! My son is a scuba and free diver and this will be perfect for his next birthday. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity!

Great idea!
by: Anonymous

I just made this cake for my roommates birthday and it was a hit!!! I used Sweedish Fish for the lips, that was the only difference. Thank you for a great idea!!

Cooliest cake eva
by: Anonymous

How did you make the eye? And do you think this cake would be acceptable for a 17 year old?

by: Stacey

I will be making this next week for my daughter's 5th birthday!

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Coolest Fish Birthday Cake Idea 68

by Linda

Homemade Fish Birthday Cake Idea

Homemade Fish Birthday Cake Idea

I baked 2 x 8inch Victoria sandwiches, sandwiched together with jam and butter cream then butter creamed the two cakes side by side big enough to cut a template out of a fish, omitting the fins and tail.

When template was cut out I started to shape the fish to give it a realistic shape, then I butter creamed all over the fish and left it to harden in the fridge for 30 min.

I rolled out 1kg of white icing enough to cover the fish, gently eased it over the cake and cut off any excess icing saving this to make the fins and tail later. I pressed in the shape of the eye and made the scales shape with a teaspoon then I shaped the fins and tail and pressed lines in them with the back of a knife.

To colour the fish I mixed green, brown and yellow food colour paste together on a plate in different shades and sponged on to the fish when finished i left to dry for a few hours then I brushed the cake over with a shimmer dust to finish off.

My son is a fisherman and he really loved this Fish Birthday Cake Idea.

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by: Dave

I like the finish and the way you did the coloring and scales. Nice Job!

Template for Fish
by: Brenda

Love the cake and instructions. Do you have a template for the fish? My email address is momdalejr88 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Thank You!

Painting the cake
by: Sara

Hi! I am planning to do a similar cake for my Dad and just wondered if you used gel/paste colouring to paint it and if you had to mix it with anything to get the consistency?


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Coolest Little Fisherman Cake 5

by Joyce
(South Fulton, Tn.)

Homemade Little Fisherman Cake

Homemade Little Fisherman Cake

This is the first time I have ever tried something like this Little Fisherman cake. Sugar and icing was used to make the rocks. I made the boy and the fish with the color flow method. The cattails, the rock he sits on and the can of worms was made from gumpaste.

The water was made with piping gel and blue coloring. The fishing pole is a wooden skewer. It took me about two days to make the rocks, fish, boy, can of worms, and cattails, that includes drying time.

I really enjoyed making it and my grandsons just absolutely loved it. I made it for their sixth and seventh birthday. They are one year and four days apart so we have their birthday together. So I try to put a little more time and effort into their cake and not just have a simple one.

Now they want me to make their cake every year. The pan size I used was 14 by 14 by 2 square. But I shaved a little off the sides to fit my cake board.

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