What fun is was to make this fish shaped cake! I have a son-in-law who loves to go fishing and I have been dying to make one of these cakes. With his birthday coming up, it was the perfect opportunity for me to make one.

Making the Fish Shaped Cake

  • I baked this one in a 9 x 13 sheet cake pan and carved the fish from that.
  • I took my time carving out the fish shape and was careful to round it off just right.
  • I split the fish in half from head to tail and filled it with strawberry preserves in a strawberry cake.

My 5 year old granddaughter (his daughter) didn’t want any cake because she thought it was a real fish. In fact, when we sliced into the cake and the strawberry filling was visible, it was so funny to watch as she kept backing up and whining, “I don’t want any cake. I don’t want any cake.” Ha ha! I guess the fish must have looked very realistic to her. It was so funny.