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Coolest DIY Aquarium and Fish Birthday Cake Ideas

Take a look at these cool homemade Aquarium and Fish birthday cake ideas shared with us by cake decorators from around the world. Along with the birthday cakes here, you’ll also find loads DIY birthday cake-making ideas and how-to tips to inspire your next birthday cake project. Enjoy!

And don’t forget… if you end up with a cool cake, have great tips to share or pictures of awesome birthday cakes you’ve made in the past, share them here and be a part of our coolest birthday cake community.

Latest Aquarium and Fish Bowl Cakes

Featured Fish Birthday Cake Ideas

Cake by Tenille S., Myrtle Beach, SC,

Coolest Aquarium and Fish Birthday Cake Ideas

This fish birthday cake was my son’s third birthday cake. I made two 9 inch rounds, iced together, cut a ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ into the opposite sides of the circle and turned the whole thing on its side. I iced it blue with flora and fish. I used nerds for the gravel which really made the cake cool.

It was a hot day and it melted almost right away when I took it outside to cut. If it gets hot the layers can fall apart.

Cake by Kashmir K., Sterling Heights, MI

Fish Birthday Cake

Cake by Alice S., Olathe, KS

Fish Birthday Cake

I made this fish birthday cake for my daughter’s first birthday. I saw the idea in an advertisement and figured I could replicate it. Make a regular cake mix (any flavor). Put half the batter in a round pan and half in cupcakes. Cut a portion from the top and bottom of the round cake to make it look like a fish bowl.

Frost the top portion white and the bottom light blue. Frost the cupcakes light blue. Decorate them with colored goldfish crackers (a dot of black icing for the eye and white dots for bubbles) red dots and/or mini M&Ms (rocks) and real plastic aquarium plants (washed!). Make sure to decorate the edges… I put a cracker fish jumping out of the top! It could probably be made as a two layered cake but I just used one layer. Enjoy!

Cake by Ashley S., Kansas City, KS

Fish Birthday Cake

I saw this fish birthday cake on the cover of I think a Good Housekeeping. The decorations were somewhat different from what was listed in the magazine. It is made from pound cake that was baked in 9″ or 8″ pans.

The two cakes were joined together back-to-back with frosting and then I cut about an inch off of the top and the bottom of the cakes to give it the right shape. The cakes were then frosted upright with the blue and white.

Decorations: fish – gold fish crackers sea weeds – fruit rollup-tape coral – Chinese noodles rocks – rock candy and jelly beans. The top of the bowl was sprinkled with blue sugar sprinkles to match the frosting water color and I put a tooth pick in the goldfish to appear as if it were jumping out. I’m not good at writing with frosting so I just bought the pre-made letters and used them instead.

Cake by Meredith M., Hannibal, MO

Fish Birthday Cake

I actually got this fish birthday cake idea from a magazine. My daughter’s birthday party was supposed to be a pool party but we got rained out. The trick to this fish birthday cake is that you MUST USE POUND CAKE. Believe me I didn’t catch that the 1st time I tried to stand it up using regular cake.

It’s a simple thing to make, bake two 9-inch POUND CAKES, cool then cut two sides off the circle to make two flat ends. I just used buttercream icing to “glue” the two cakes together and to “glue” it to the foil covered cardboard. Then simply dye vanilla icing blue, ice the bottom blue for water, the top half white. A thick piped line around the top creates the rim of the fish bowl.

The goldfish are Goldfish crackers. The seaweed is Fruit by the Foot in green, sprinkles for the aquarium rock and whatever other things you would like to put into your fishbowl. My daughter just loved this unique fish birthday cake, I don’t know if I can top it this year.

Cake by Denise F., North Branford

Fish Birthday Cake

I got this fish birthday cake idea from a magazine. My daughter said she wanted a fish themed party for her 8th birthday. So of course I went all out from fishnets and shell to fish cake bowls and so on. We had fish gummies and gold fish crackers for snack. I even went so far as to do bata fish for party favors. The kids all got to decorate their own fish bowls with stickers and rocks. They all loved it.

But here is my cake story. We saw a fish bowl cake on a magazine. I never thought I could pull this one off but, we did and it was so easy. First you buy 2 pound cakes (box mix – they stand up better than regular cake mixes). Next bake them according to the box. Frost the center and place in refrigerator over night. Cut the top off about 1/4 then about 1/8 off the bottom to stand cake up.

For frosting I used Wilton white cake frosting (2 cans) mix part with blue frosting save some white for the piping on the top I used a Ziploc bag to do piping, gel from the cake store. Apple fruit by the foot for seaweed and fruit snacks (Nemo) for fish. White sugar balls from the cake store for bubbles.

This fish birthday cake was so much fun to make and so easy. I hope this helps someone make a nice cake for a great party. I know my daughter Jyllian told me it was the best party I ever gave her (and I have given her and my son plenty).

Cake by Marie H., Lake Elsinore, CA

Fish Birthday Cake

This is the second cake I ever decorated, so I can’t say much on how I did it—it’s a fish bowl.

To make this fish birthday cake, I just used different Wilton tips and used my homemade buttercream frosting. I used one nine-inch round on the bottom and an eight-inch on the top (this is because they are the only cake pans I have. hehe!!).

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