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Football Cake 32

by Andrea W.
(Yukon, Ok)

1st Birthday Football #1 cake

1st Birthday Football #1 cake

I decided to go with the first birthday "Little Quarterback" birthday theme from Party Express for my son's first birthday in the Fall. The colors of the decorations were green, orange, and brown so those are the colors I pulled for the icing of the cake.

I used a Wilton's aluminum #1 cake pan. I used two boxed cake mixes. I used canned frosting and colored it with food coloring. I first iced the entire cake a soft green color. I then added the yard lines and top border. I frosted the sides next. I added the candy cake decor footballs and candle last.

I then used the Wilton's egg cupcake pan to make cupcakes. I frosted them brown and added detail with white icing to make them look like little footballs.

The children loved getting their own football to eat! The adults ate the large cake. I made the #1 with a yellow cake mix, but made the cupcakes with a chocolate mix.

This is a very EASY and cute cake to make.

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Great Idea
by: Laura

This is a great idea! I had already purchased the same theme from Birthday Express and was looking for some neat ideas for cakes and I'm glad I found yours!

great idea
by: Anonymous

I was also thinking football for my son's 1st b'day which is in the fall. your cake is great!

by: sheri

some how we came up with the idea for sports on my son's 1st and now the cake!! I was going crazy. I have a friend but all she has is a #1 shaped pan so this is amazing. I'm super excited. Thank you so much !

by: Anonymous

I am trying to make a cake for my cousin and i might use your idea

i love it
by: Anonymous

I like this cake i think im going to try it for my baby boy 1st bday in august lol

great job
by: Ashley

I was actually looking for a cake similar to this because I just purchased my son's first birthday stuff from birthday express HAHA as has everybody else I see. lol This is a great idea and hope you dont mind me using it too!

Thanks everyone
by: Andrea

It is hard to belive that I made this cake almost five years ago. Yes, my sweet (now middle child) will be five years old in a few more weeks. I still love looking back at the picks of his first birthday and think "Wow, I made a cute cake" LOL. I am so happy I was able to inspire so many of you and I hope all of your little ones' 1st birthdays were as awesome as My "not so little anymore" son Jett's was. :)

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Coolest Football Cake 29

by Annemarie
(Cambs, UK )

Homemade Football Cake

Homemade Football Cake

I started this football cake by cooking two white chocolate sponge cakes in pudding tins. I found that they needed about 40mins in the oven, then to finish 5 minutes in the microwave or a steamer.

I took one of the cakes and placed it right way up onto the board. I then spread a layer of melted white chocolate on the top (not on the whole cake). I then took the 2nd cake and turned it upside down and placed on top of the first cake. Using pre rolled icing I covered both the cakes.

To make it look like a football I used a black icing pen to draw the lines. For the top of the football cake I decided to make it look like a football pitch so used a green icing pen to create this.

You could also add on little football players, the age of the person or their football team.

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Coolest Football Cake 35

by Emma Davis

Football Cake

Football Cake

I made this football cake for a little boy turning 5, who is a mad Hawthorn Football Club fan. It is a milk chocolate fudge cake.

I used the Wilton football pan and trimmed the ends to make it more like an Australian Rules football. The base is a slab cake. The grass is BC (used tip 233) and the football is covered with MMF tinted red.

I then made a sugar glaze (also tinted red) to make the ball more realistic. The lettering is cut out from fondant and the logo of the hawk was hand painted using gel food colouring.

This was my first time using (and making MMF) and I am happy with the result. Was difficult getting the red colour how I wanted it, hence the tinted glaze which not only made by ball shine but deepened the red colour.

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by: Anonymous

Before you covered the football with fondant, did you put anything on it like under the fondant?

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Coolest Homemade Football Cake 136

by Dyeisha S.
(Louisville, KY)

Homemade Football Cake

Homemade Football Cake

This Homemade Football Cake was made for a friend's son's football banquet! It's 2 11x15 placed side by side and thin iced to prevent crumbs from coming through! I then measured out a few inches for the in zones and flat iced the rest green with the spatula (Wilton leaf green & Kelly green).

Then in zones were iced the team colors with tip #47 then with name and mascot with tip #14! Shell border, tip #21 around entire cake! Yard lines & numbers were iced with tip #5. Football was Wilton's 1st and 10 pan iced with chocolate butter cream with tip 2010, then zig zag lines added with tip #18 and words with #16!

The cake was a huge hit!

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