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Coolest Alabama Crimson Tide Cake 47

by Kim D.
(Bowling Green, OH)

Homemade Alabama Crimson Tide Cake

Homemade Alabama Crimson Tide Cake

This Alabama Crimson Tide cake was for my husband who is a die-hard Alabama fan. I traced the big Al logo (mirror image print) with butter cream icing. I used a small writing tip for most of the transfer since it is pretty detailed.

The crimson icing was the hardest to color but just remember the icing gets a deeper darker color as it sits and crusts over. I then froze the design and then transferred onto the cake. The cake was red velvet and white marbled which gave a nice crimson and white surprise with left over gray icing in the middle. I admit the cake would have looked better if big Al would have been centered in the cake but our children insisted the cake had to say Happy Birthday Daddy.

I also wish I would have went a little smaller with the design. This was a pretty time consuming cake so it would not be a very good last minute idea. But was really fun and everyone has loved the cake and commented on how good the logo looked. I also wished the roll tide on the side would have came out a little better.

Hope this inspires great team ideas for you. ROLL TIDE ROLL!

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by: Brandon Mckee

looks amazing

love it
by: jennifer belcher

This is a very nice looking cake I love it

Ur the best!
by: Anonymous

Awesome as always! She does all my kids cakes and they r amazed every time!!!



Beautiful Cake!!
by: Jerry Duncan

I could not have imagined a better birthday cake for a hard core Alabama fan. The logo is flawless and the overall design is beautiful. I think the little touch from the children along with Big Al made the cake a winner. Of course, being the Daddy in which this cake was made, I must admit that I mat be a little biased.:) I love you Kim, CarieAnn, Alexia and my little Jayden. Thank you for a wonderful birthday.

I love you,

Love it
by: Anonymous

This cake is awesome!

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Coolest Superbowl Cake 129

by Tara
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

Coolest  Superbowl Cake

Coolest Superbowl Cake

I made this Superbowl Cake for the Saint's trip to the Superbowl. I began by baking an 11x14 cake in butter golden cake, and I also baked two 8" cakes in the same recipe. I carved one of the 8" rounds into a Fleur de lis, and saved the scraps to use as the "hurricane"

I allowed my kids to help, so the icing did not go as well as I would have liked, but they had a blast.

We tinted buttercream icing using Wilton black and yellow colors. My kids iced the entire bottom cake black. We then placed the uncarved round cake and used the scraps to make it look like a "hurricane" My kids iced the hurricane white. I then added the fleur de lis, and used Wilton tip #16 to star the fleur de lis, the edges of the cake, and to trim the words who dat. My daughter drew a little umbrella, and a wrote out the word hurricane.

It suffered a bit on the ride to the party, but was a huge hit, and my kids were proud to say the had helped!

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Coolest Alabama Crimson Tide Cake 19

by Kim S.

Homemade Alabama Crimson Tide Cake

Homemade Alabama Crimson Tide Cake

This Alabama Crimson Tide Cake was done by using Frozen Butter Cream Transfer. I taped the picture to the back of a metal cookie sheet and then placed a piece of wax paper over that. I traced out the picture using # 2 tip and black Wilton icing in the tube. I put the outline in the freezer to firm and then I colored red and gray icing filling in all areas of the picture. Make sure icing gets into small corners.

When all is colored in I placed back into the freezer for aprox. 45 min. When cake is iced as desired, take transfer from freezer, flip onto top of iced cake, and peel wax paper off carefully. Put border around design to cover edges. There are good, further detailed instructions for FBCT on the internet. Make sure any lettering is done backwards because when flipped it will be a mirror image.

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Homemade Pittsburgh Steelers Cake

by Tee
(Temple Hills, Md.)

I used a 8" and 6" for this cake. Everything on this cake is edible and made of fondant. I cooled the cakes. crumbcoated them. I covered them with fondant and before stacking them I placed a little royal icing ontop of the bottom tier so that te top tier wouldnt move. I made the stars by hand out of fondant. (All MM Fondant). If im in a rush i'll go to Micheals Arts and Crafts store and buy Duffs Fondant. I used water to make the white border, numbers and stars on the top stick. For the stars on the side of the cake i used water and toothpicks because they were heavy. To give it the glossy look i used crisco oil and rubbed it in with a napkin and for the hard to reach areas i used q-tips.

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