Amazing Rapunzel’s Tower Cake

My daughter is a hard core Rapunzel fan….she also has long long hair and wanted the Tangled theme for her birthday…Hence I started working on the Rapunzel tower over 4 weeks in advance. Everything from scratch.

It was by far one of the most challenging cakes, specially when it came to making the top of the tower…the bigger and heavier part had to sit on the tall thin construction. I constructed all the different parts piece by piece and let them dry for about a week and then went on to assembling them. I made the tower from gum paste . Also made lots of tiny flowers for decoration and to out on the tower to make it look like it was gathering moss etc. I also created windows and Rapunzels head peeking out of the window with her long hair hanging out of teh window.

All decorations on the cake were 100% edible except for Flinn Ryder and Rapunzels hair ….even though i tried to make it edible the weight just wouldnt hold up so I just used wool. Rapunzels face however was made from gum paste and so was every other element …

I let th completed tower stand for a while on the kitchen towel roll stand while I went about doing other stuff and baking the actual cake.

On the final day when i had to assemble it on the cake…..the tower just wouldnt stand….I didnt want to make a tiered cake because my daughter wanted the tower to look tall and a tiered cake would decrease the height of teh tower…and make it appear shorter. The weight from the top of the tower was too much, hence i had to place the cake over the tissue roll holder and place the  tower on that to keep it firm….of course nobody knew that but me…

I also wanted it to look as close as possible to the actual tower and the scenery, hence i created trees,a stream etc. I also made cupcakes with some elements from the Rapunzel theme such as braids, flowers and her favourite companion Pascal the camelion.

the scenery with the stream

Themed cupcakes

closer look at the tower