Cake by Marieta F., Tarpon Springs, FL

I used Pillsbury Fun-fetti cake mixes, many of them, for this animal birthday cake. Made one huge sheet cake for the base, a 12×2" round cake for the wolf to be cut out and a 6×2" round cake for the moon cut out. For the wolf I enlarged an image I found on the web.

I cut it out (on paper) and then placed it on the round cake to guide my knife for the cut out. Tip: Place the round cake on the sheet cake before you do the cut outs. It is not easy to move it. I used butter cream icing. A little blue coloring and silver and color sprinkles. My son loves blue that is why I made it blue. He wanted a wolf party, we had to improvise.

Cake by Tara P., Amery, WI

Animal Birthday Cake - Wolf

I made an 8" round cake for this Wolf cake and frosted it with midnight blue buttercream. The "snow" and trees were done with white buttercream. The snow frosting I swirled with my spatula and sprinkled edible white glitter to make it glisten. The trees and branches were made using different size round tips on a pastry bag.

The wolf was done free hand. The detail on the trees and wolf were made using food coloring paste with an artist’s brush. I also sprinkled more glitter on the blue sky so it looked like it was snowing.