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Wolf Cake for a Ten Year Old Girl

For this wolf cake I used one box of vanilla cake mix and split it between a 9×7 glass Pyrex baking dish for the cake and 9 cupcake liners (I didn’t want a lot of cake left over so made mine small, but you could use the whole box for a sheet cake).  I then used Pillsbury white vanilla frosting in a can and dyed it in bowls – enough for the cupcakes to green, the blue sky, a tiny bit yellow for the sun, and left the rest white for the snow. I spread the blue sky first across the upper 3/4ths of the cake. Then covered the remaining bottom of the cake with the white, a bit more thickly for the snow and sprinkled that with edible glitter.

Next comes the trickiest bit – using a picture of a wolf from online, I used the smallest piping tip and piped white frosting into the outline of the wolf and roughly filled it in (you only need to cover about 2/3rds of the inside of the wolf at this point). Then using a tube of black Wilton Sparkle Gel (any black edible icing would work), I drew tiny lines of black on top of the white frosting on the areas where I wanted the wolf’s coat to be the darkest – along its back, head and tail. I used a stiff small paintbrush to gently swirl the black and white together and spread them along the wolf’s body, being careful not to mix into the blue layer underneath. Then I added a black dot for the eye and put a dab of yellow on top.

The tree I piped on with a ridged tip and then carefully stuck chocolate sprinkles into for bark, then I spread the yellow sun on with a knife. The cupcakes I spread with green frosting, then drew a wolf footprint on each using the black Sparkle Gel (checked online to make sure I had the footprint right first). Tada! My daughter loved it and I was happy to make her so happy with her favorite animal!

Wolf Cake for a Ten Year Old Girl

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