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Coolest DIY Dog Birthday Cake Ideas

Take a look at these cool homemade Dog birthday cakes shared with us by bakers from around the world. If you end up with a cool cake, or already have some cool cake photos and tips to share, send them over via this form.

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12 Cool Dog Cakes

My two year-old daughter loves dogs so for her birthday I searched dog cakes on this site and this is what I made. I used some clipart, enlarged it to about 9″ tall and cut it out of a 9×13 yellow cake (made from scratch). Read more »

12 More Cool DIY Dog Cake Ideas

Dog cake ideas

This cake was for my eight year old granddaughter. They had just got a new puppy that she really was excited about and she loves to play soccer. So couldn’t think of a better way to surprise her than to make her a dog cake and a soccer ball. Read more »

12 Cool Homemade Dog Birthday Cake Recipe Ideas

I began decorating cakes as a hobby two years ago. I took a basic course, but then began buying books and doing the techniques on my own. When a friend requested a dog birthday cake for her boss’ daughter’s birthday I decided to make it very special. All I was told was to make a Dalmatian puppy with white cake and white icing. They thought it was going to be a “flat” cake – boy, were they surprised with this! Read more »

More Cool Dog Birthday Cakes

Dog Birthday Cake by Kristian B., Arkansas

dog birthday cake

These cute puppies for our dog birthday cake are made by placing two cupcakes together and using the star tip (#21 I think) to make long hair. In order to make bows and add the eyes and nose, use Wilton tip #3.

Warning: Loads of icing! I suggest maybe trying to make these out of mini loaf pans so you’ll have more cake instead of using icing to fill in the gaps.

Simple Dog Birthday Cake

Cake by Cynthia D., Ontario, Canada

Dog Birthday Cake Picture

This dog birthday cake is simple to create. Get two Betty Crocker cake mix and bake them. Then I drew up a Baby Einstein dog on the computer instead of grabbing all the pixelated images on the web, print it to the size you need (9×11), trace the dog with toothpicks on one of the cakes, and cut it to follow the outline. Slap the dog-shaped cake onto the rectangular one (I put plain white butter-cream icing between the cakes). Then decorate the whole thing freehand pretty much using one of those icing baggies with the flower tip. Yumm yumm. Can’t wait to eat it!

Fun Dalmatian Cake

Cake by Nancy C., Ellicott City, MD

Dog Birthday Cake Picture

I got this dog birthday cake idea from this website

I couldn’t find black string licorice ANYWHERE, so I had to pipe frosting.

I’m not too good at that :-).

The idea for the fruit by the foot for the tongue and collar were great and my kids loved it. I used white licorice candies for dog claws. Mini Oreos with one cookie pulled off for the eyes, and I glued (with frosting) chocolate M&M’s on them. The nose was also a mini Oreo.

I decorated the plate with Scooby-Doo graham cookies. I couldn’t find Neccos for the dog collar tag, so I smoothed a yellow gummy candy and glued it on with frosting. The dog birthday cake was just a yellow cake recipe, and I used pre-made white frosting, reserving a small amount for the brown and black that I colored for the spots.

Awesome 3D Dog Birthday Cake

Cake by Michelle S., Apple Valley, MN

Dog Birthday Cake Picture

The day my son was born my brother and his family brought a stuffed “Plopper” TY stuffed animal as a birthday gift. We hoped Grant would attach to Plopper just like his big sister Julia was attached to “Puddles” her TY duck. He REALLY attached and the two are inseparable buddies now. When his first birthday came I knew I HAD to make a Plopper dog birthday cake. I wanted to do a stand up cake so I did a Google search and came up with this basic design.

Baking the Cakes

I made two 9-inch rounds (using a boxed cake). Then I shaved off the bottom third of each round so that they could balance up right. Next I cut matching triangles out of the top remaining round part of the cake. I used the triangles for the front feet (paws). Then I shaved off the remaining round pieces of the cake top to use for the back feet.

Dog Birthday Cake Picture


I had my frosting colors made to match Plopper’s colors at a local bakery. Then I frosted the body of the puppy with a spatula. I got a grass tip and piped fur all over his body. I kept the paws and face smooth with the brown frosting. In order to make the toes and mouth, I used black decorator’s gel. I used candy eyes for the eyes. I used an open coupler to make the tail and nose.

The ears were used with the grass tip only in brown. I used the dog as a centerpiece and put little dog dishes filled with “puppy chow” and sugared cereals around him on the center island. We had puppy games and dog bags for prizes (for older cousins) and I used all of my old beanie baby puppy dogs to decorate the house. The party was a hit. Everyone LOVED the dog birthday cake.

Dog Birthday Cake Picture

Delightful Dog Cake and Cupcakes

Cake by Holly, Middleburg Heights, OH

Dog Birthday Cake Picture

Read Holly’s “Party-Tale”: The story behind the cake…

Clever Dog Themed Cake

Cake by Grace O., Fayetteville, GA

Dog Birthday Cake Picture

When my son, Brian, decided on a “The Dog” theme for his seventh birthday party, I searched on the internet for ideas and came across this website.

I made this dog birthday cake. I topped it off with a dog bowl cake which I created using a stainless steel dog bowl which I purchased new and washed before using. Then I filled the dog bowl with Cocoa Puffs after baking and frosting it and it looked very realistic. Thanks to your ideas our party was a howling success!

In addition, I forgot to mention that I included colorful dog bone candies on the dog birthday cake.