Coolest Homemade Electric Guitar Cake for an 8 Year Old

Coolest Electric Guitar Cake

So there was this 8 year old boy who was having a Rock Star party… he loves music and plays the guitar.  His mom said his favorite colors are red, white and black.  he hates chocolate cake but the majority of the guests do. So…I made an electric guitar cake!  2/3 of the cake was … Read more

Coolest Snowflake Wedding Cake

Coolest Snowflake Wedding Cake

What a perfect idea for a winter wedding?  The wedding cake was gourmet chocolate with chocolate ganache frosting.  Each layer was then dirty iced with white frosting and then covered with ivory fondant.  When I assembled the cake, each layer had dowels placed in the cake to support the additional layer it would hold.  Blue … Read more

Coolest Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake

Coolest Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake

Who wouldn’t like a Minnie Mouse birthday cake for their 2nd birthday?  The recipient of this cake was over the moon!  She is a girly girl and this mouse needed to rock a pink dress. I made Minnie completely out of fondant covered in rice krispie squares that were molded into shape. It took several … Read more

Coolest Steak and Eggs Cake

Coolest Steak and Eggs Cake

This Steak and Eggs cake was made for a comedic co-worker who was always asking for someone to bring him steak and eggs for breakfast. I warned him…some day I would! This chocolate cake was covered with marscapone frosting and then I placed a fondant plate on top. The steak was formed out of fondant and … Read more

Cool Homemade Motorcycle Cake

Birthday Cake Images

This motorcycle cake was a surprise for my husband for his 50th birthday. He knew I was working on a cake for him because he was not allowed in the kitchen most evenings leading up to his birthday! The cake was chocolate with chocolate frosting. I colored some fondant black, brown and grey and then … Read more

Coolest Homemade Gluten Free Cake With 3D Edible Giraffe Topper

Homemade Giraffe Cake

I made this giraffe cake for my daughter. The cake is gluten free and lactose free and Melman was created using a Rice Krispie base, coat hanger for his neck and lollipop sticks to reinforce his legs. His feet are pecans. I molded his body first and allowed it to dry and then created his … Read more

Coolest Castle Cake

Coolest Castle Cake

This chocolate espresso cake was made for a special young lady who just graduated. She loved her first visit to Scotland so we decided a castle cake was in order. The castle was made by shaping stryofoam pieces underneath. The were then covered with multicolored fondant (black, brown and white) in give it a stone … Read more

Coolest Castle Birthday Cake

Homemade Castle Birthday Cake

This Castle birthday cake was for a young lady who loves Scotland and all of it’s history. She graduated grade 12 and it seemed fitting to do a castle cake. The cake topper was styro foam and covered with rock stamped fondant. The towers were paper towel rolls covered with rock stamped fondant. I made … Read more

Coolest High Heels Cake

Homemade High Heels Cake

This High Heels Cake was made for a young lady who loves high heel shoes! She loves the color green just about as much and is always dressed her best. The cake was a two layer vanilla cream cake with vanilla frosting. It was covered with a layer of green fondant and small dots made … Read more

Coolest Motor Cycle Cake

Homemade Motor Cycle Cake

This Motor Cycle cake was for my husband who turned 50 this year! I made the motorcycle completely out of fondant and a small triangle of styrofoam for the engine compartment. The windshield is cut out of a sour cream lid and the wire pipes were cut from florist wire. The tires were attached using … Read more

Coolest Firetruck Retirement Cake

Homemade  Firetruck Retirement Cake

This Firetruck Retirement Cake was actually made for a Captain who was retiring from the work force. His lovely wife asked for a carrot cake because that was his favorite cake! The base was made and iced with cream cheese frosting. Once is set up the fondant was added and refrigerated. The truck was constructed … Read more