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Coolest Homemade Gluten Free Cake With 3D Edible Giraffe Topper

I made this giraffe cake for my daughter. The cake is gluten free and lactose free and Melman was created using a Rice Krispie base, coat hanger for his neck and lollipop sticks to reinforce his legs. His feet are pecans. I molded his body first and allowed it to dry and then created his eyes and shaped his teeth and tongue. I used embroidery thread for his eye lashes and the tip on his tail.

When I was incorporating the color into the fondant, I found a bit of vegetable shortening on my hands first made it easier to work with fondant and I got less color streaks. Melman’s ‘spots’ were added last and attached with tinted royal icing.

11 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Gluten Free Cake With 3D Edible Giraffe Topper”

  1. This cake is so cool. Well done! Can you explain a bit more how you made the giraffe? does the fondant just roll around the coat hanger? And what is the rice krispie filling??

  2. Can you explain how you made this amazing cake, just a bit more detail would be great! I’d like to attempt this for my son’s 1st birthday & I’m not very creative!

  3. when you say rice crispy base, ( this is how I picture making it) make rice crispy treats and then shape a ball for the belly, shove some lolly pop sticks in it for legs,and for the neck did you cut a wire (the hanger) and stick that into the crispy ball? then put the rice treats around the neck and legs, and after that roll the fondant around it? need more info. but this is the only way it makes sense for me so I’ll try anyway.. Awesome Cake!

  4. Impossible! I have made now 46 birthday cakes of every description and this was impossible. I could not get the rice krispie mixture to stick to the coat hangar, the weight of the neck broke the cake, the legs would not hold the cake, etc. etc.

    It’s going in the garbage after two DAYS of work.


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