This motorcycle cake was a surprise for my husband for his 50th birthday. He knew I was working on a cake for him because he was not allowed in the kitchen most evenings leading up to his birthday!

The cake was chocolate with chocolate frosting. I colored some fondant black, brown and grey and then incorporated the three so it looked like stone. I then made a circle of fondant and used a stone patio press to make it look like it was sitting on a rock patio or driveway. I used the rest of the fondant to make a large ‘rock’ to support the bike. A dowel was placed in the fondant rock and into the cake. I left about 2 inches above the rock to place the bike on.

The bike is completely made out of fondant. There were many trips into the garage to study the detail on his bike. I used edible glue to put the bike together. All of the chrome was painted on using silver powder with a bit of vodka to thin. I cut out a windshield from a pop bottle (it had the right rounded shape) and used tin foil for the small mirrors.

I ‘glued’ the bike onto the dowel and ‘rock’ using royal icing.