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Coolest Homemade Electric Guitar Cake for an 8 Year Old

So there was this 8 year old boy who was having a Rock Star party… he loves music and plays the guitar.  His mom said his favorite colors are red, white and black.  he hates chocolate cake but the majority of the guests do.

So…I made an electric guitar cake!  2/3 of the cake was chocolate espresso (I am sure mom still wants to thank me for that) and vanilla bean white on the top third.  My husband drafted a drawing on parchment paper as a template so once the cakes where baked, I cut  them into shape.  The neck of the guitar is balsa wood covered in fondant.  The head of the guitar was covered in ivory fondant. I scored wood lines into it, let it dry a bit and then when over it with ivory gel diluted with a small amount of vodka (the alcohol dissipates and leaves a nice sheen with the gel).  I iced the cake (turns out it takes a lot of red unflavored gel to saturate white icing) and then added the neck of the guitar and braced it with a piece of Styrofoam.  I strung the guitar strings out of floss and then added the fondant pieces to complete the project.

Dane was thrilled with his cake!  This was my favorite cake to make so far!

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