Coolest Hiro Train Birthday Cake

Coolest Hiro Train Birthday Cake

My daughter decided to have a Thomas the Train party for her 3rd birthday.  Her favorite train is the black engine, Hiro, so that’s what she wanted for her cake. I decided to go ahead and make a Thomas train cake, too, since the other kids might be disappointed if there was no Thomas. At … Read more

Coolest Cars 2 Cake

Coolest Cars 2 Cake

For his 6th birthday, my son requested a Cars 2 cake.  We decided to go with the scene where Lightning and Mater are hooked together and flying over London and Mater has a bomb under his hood.  Meanwhile, Holly and Finn are escaping from Big Bentley. The base was just a simple half-sheet yellow cake … Read more

Coolest Bob the Builder Cake Design

Homemade Bob the Builder Cake Design

My son is a big fan of Bob the Builder, so for his third birthday, I decided to make him a Bob the Builder cake design. I knew I wanted it to be a construction scene with all the characters, for which I borrowed my son’s die-cast miniatures. I started with a regular 9″ x … Read more

Coolest Hawaii Beach Cake

Homemade Hawaii Beach Cake

For my husband’s 30th birthday, I wanted to do something special. Since he’s originally from Hawaii, I decided to make him a Hawaii Beach Cake. I started with a regular 9” x 13” chocolate cake that I made from a mix. I made tan icing from plain vanilla icing mixed with a little of Wilton … Read more

Cute Homemade Princess Crown Cake

Homemade Princess Crown Cake

My daughter had a princess theme for her 2nd birthday. So I decided to go with a Princess Crown Cake. I baked a 9” x 13” cake using a strawberry cake mix and then carefully cut out triangle sections to make the three points of the crown. I also baked some strawberry cupcakes and used … Read more

Cool Homemade Easter Egg Cake

Homemade Easter Egg Cake

My son’s first birthday fell on Easter, so we decided to have an Easter-themed birthday party, complete with an Easter egg cake. I bought an egg-shaped cake pan online. I used yellow cake mix and frosted it with vanilla frosting. I then made different types of lines (squiggle, ribbon, star, flower, straight, etc.) using various … Read more

Coolest Monster Truck Cake

Homemade Monster Truck Cake

My son wanted a monster truck birthday when he turned 5. So, of course, we had to have a monster truck cake for the occasion! I looked through the pictures on this site to get some ideas. I got some very helpful tips about using a platform and freezing the layer for the cab to … Read more

Cute Homemade 2D Fire Truck Cake

Homemade Fire Truck Cake

For my son’s second birthday, I set out to make a fire truck cake. Not being as ambitious as some of the other moms on this site, I decided to stick to a 2-D version, but still wanted it to be shaped like a fire truck. I used two cake mixes in a 9″x13″ pan, … Read more