Cute Homemade Princess Crown Cake

My daughter had a princess theme for her 2nd birthday. So I decided to go with a Princess Crown Cake.

I baked a 9” x 13” cake using a strawberry cake mix and then carefully cut out triangle sections to make the three points of the crown. I also baked some strawberry cupcakes and used three of them to make circles at the tops of the points. Next, I iced everything with strawberry icing first and then added the decorative parts afterwards.

I used pale pink edible pearls that I got at Michael’s to outline the stripe at the bottom, the three hearts in the middle, and around the cupcakes at the top. That was definitely the most time-consuming part of the process. I used bright pink sprinkles to fill in the stripe and the cupcakes.

Next, I used sparkly pink gel icing to fill in the hearts. I found some crown candles at the store that were perfect to go on top. It wasn’t very difficult to make, and it turned out pretty cute. And my little princess loved it!

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