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Coolest Bob the Builder Cake Design

My son is a big fan of Bob the Builder, so for his third birthday, I decided to make him a Bob the Builder cake design. I knew I wanted it to be a construction scene with all the characters, for which I borrowed my son’s die-cast miniatures. I started with a regular 9″ x 13″ yellow cake that I made from a mix. I iced the entire cake in white icing first, so that there would be something for the “dirt” and “sand” to stick to.

I started by creating the road in the middle. I crushed up some Oreos (after removing the white centers first) and added in some melted butter to get a putty consistency. I then carefully patted on the Oreo mixture onto the center of the cake to make the road. I let it dry for awhile before starting on the other parts.

I later added some yellow icing stripes to the finished part of the road as well as some crushed Oreos without the melted butter at the end of the road, so it would look like it was still under construction. I had Roley rolling the very end of the finished part of the road, and placed Muck in the middle of the dirt pile.

I used Popsicle sticks to make the building frame, which I had put together a few weeks beforehand to save time. I purposefully left a few of the roof boards off, so that I could have Lofty appear to be working on that. On the other end of the cake, I dabbed on some bright pink icing for Dizzy’s cement and even put some of the pink icing coming down from Dizzy so it would look more realistic.

I crushed up some vanilla wafers to make sand and put Scoop in the middle of that. I covered over most of the remaining white icing with some bright green icing using a basket weave tip, so it would look more like grass. I added some candy rocks and some plastic street signs to finish it off. I then added Bob, Wendy, and Spud to the scene.

My son thought it was really cool and so did the guests at his birthday party. Everyone wanted to a rock to eat!

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