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Sweet Homemade Baby Belly Cake

This baby belly cake turned out beautiful! I did a sheet cake and then used a round bowl for the belly. Then I took two cupcakes(overfilled) for the boobs. I don’t like using the fondant too much, but I wanted the drape look for the dress.

I kneaded the color into white fondant, then rolled it out with a rolling pin. Then cut the design I wanted. You have to be really careful when putting it on the cake. Mine tore several times and this is the result of the 3rd try! I couldn’t get the belly button to stick up high enough, so I stuck a Reeses cup into the cake and iced a raisin on top of that.

She just loved the cake and the cake photographs very well!

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  1. I just wanted to thank you for posting your cake, as it was a huge help to making my very first belly cake (mine is posted as pregnant belly #31)…your ideas were very helpful, and this was my first time working with fondant so I was very nervous! I loved the strap idea and it looked SO cute when it was done!



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