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Coolest Softball Cake

I did this softball cake for a friend’s daughter. She was turning 9 and she loved playing softball. I started with a 13×9″ sheet cake. I used a small glass bowl for the softball and baked two of them. Then I shaved it down and placed them together.

I then started the icing process. I used brown for the baseball diamond and green drop flowers for the grass since I didn’t have a grass tip at the time. I smoothed icing around the sides and then used a flat basket-weave tip to do the fence and let it come up over the grass a bit.

I used small drop flowers for the softball and then included her age in the middle of it. I finished up by adding some small flowers( since this cake was for a girl) on the top of the cake and around the sides in between the fence.

It turned out really nice and she loved it!

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