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Coolest Homemade Firetruck Birthday Cake

I made this Firetruck cake for my son’s fourth birthday. He loves firetrucks and wanted an actual firetruck cake. I got ideas from this website and all of the cakes were wonderful ideas.

I started with a large loaf pan, probably a 17″ or 18″ long by 6″ wide. I used it twice; once with two cake mixes for height and, the second time, with only one for the extra height of the cab. I evened them out, cut the second to the height I wanted and placed a piece on the cab and a shorter extra piece on the rear. I then shaped the windshield.

I piped red icing for the truck and grey icing for the bumpers, grill, and chrome detail at the bottom of the truck. I also inserted grey icing between the sections of the truck and added it to some other parts. I also used black icing for the windows and yellow icing for the writing and small lights. I used gumdrops as the lights on top, and quarter slices of the gumdrops as the headlights and brake lights.

I used twizzlers for the waterhose detail and red twizzlers for the small lights on the side. My husband had brought my son’s toy firetrucks for models and one of them was broken. My son, eager to help with his cake, allowed us to take the top ladder, the side rails and the side ladders off of this truck. Oreo cookies were used as the wheels and everything was attached using icing.

This was a very detailed cake to make and took a long time to finish, but the cake was a big hit and my son loved it.

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