Coolest Halloween Pumpkin Party Cake Design

I made this Halloween Pumpkin Party Cake Design for one of my uncle’s for a Halloween party he was having. He had purchased some party invitations and favors from a party store and wanted me to create a cake that followed the theme of his party. I used the invitation as my guide for the cake.

I used a square cake pan with chocolate cake. I started with the background which was a few different shades of blue icing in the same decorating bag with a flat tip. It did not look right so I used an offset spatula on the background to make it look smoother and better resemble the invitation. The dog (I think we all know what famous beagle this little guy is) and pumpkin were made using a star tip. I cannot remember what tip I used for the grass but I think it was a leaf tip. The clouds on this cake were my first attempt at poured icing. It was also my last attempt, it was everywhere and black paste coloring stains anything and everything is comes in contact with.

On the way into the party, the cardboard base the cake was on unfortunately bent and a cakequake ensued. With a little touch up using a wet finger here and there I fixed the major damage and a major disaster was averted. You could still tell there had been a mishap and the cake had a fault line running through it but it still looked pretty good and tasted even better.