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Coolest Astrological Birthday Cake

This Astrological Birthday Cake was created for my mom for her birthday as a representation of her astrological sign. She is a Taurus and yes this is a Lion, I never said I was not special. When I saw the picture of a similar cake in a magazine I knew she would like it and the whole astrological theme occurred to me. It was when I gave it to her at her party and told her what it represented that it occurred to me I had the wrong animal. Oh well it was cool anyway.

I started with a square cake pan and used yellow cake. The face itself is 3D even thought it is hard to see. I made it with leftover trimmings from the outside of the head. The icing is a rolled fondant tinted brown. This was my second journey down the fondant road and I did make it myself. The shading of face was done with powdered brown coloring mixed in water or ever clear I cannot remember, but I used whatever the powdered color said to mix it with. I painted it on with a regular paint brush.

The mane of the lion was the coolest part it was made with corn starch and powdered sugar and colored with different concentrations of the powdered coloring. It was called candy ribbon or chocolate ribbon even thought it was not chocolate flavored. If anyone wants to know I can find the recipe I am sure.

Anyhow the cake was a success and everyone really enjoyed the story. I still get reminded about it every time I do a cake and someone from her party is there.

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