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Coolest Movie Theatre Themed Cake

I made this Movie Theater Themed Cake for my daughter’s best friend’s 11th birthday. I used the large Wilton rectangular pan for the base and that was yellow cake. The popcorn tub was made from 2 filled chocolate 9 inch round Wilton pans.

I always make my cakes a few days in advance and freeze them so they are easier to crumb coat. I used the pre-made Wilton icing for the crumb coat on these cakes and also the filling. I used homemade butter cream icing for the rest of the cake and to cover my crumb coat. For the curtains I used the rouge Wilton color and Wilton tip 125.

For the Admit one tickets I used Wilton tip #3. I did the marque sign with tip number 5. The popcorn bucket was really fun to do. I did have to use dowel rods to support the round cakes because they were heavy. For the stripes on the popcorn bucket I used tip 104, made three overlapping lines, and then used a small spatula to make them smooth. I used tip 5 for the circle and the popcorn.

The popcorn was done by my 11 year old! She cut mini marshmallows into halves and then pieced three halves together to make it look like popcorn. We did not have to use any icing to stick them together. Once she put one layer of marshmallows across the top, she double layered the middle to make it look like a full bucket of popcorn. We then sprayed the marshmallows with the yellow icing spray you can buy at the supermarket.

I haven’t taken any decorating classes, so there are a lot of things I would probably do differently with more experience, but the kids all loved it!

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  1. I was the lucky recipient of this cake and let me tell you it was as delicious as it was beautiful. So many times you see really great, pretty cakes and then they taste terrible. This was really good! Thanks, Shannon!!


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