This cake was created for someone who was in the military and also enjoyed the theme of “when pigs fly”.  I was excited to receive the challenge and the challenge of deciding on what design I would do.  I decided to incorporate both themes into the cake and created an obstacle course for pigs that fly.  The pigs have to go through a tire obstacle and a wood obstacle where the pigs have to crawl in mud. 

The idea of the cake alone was fun for me because it was already so different.  I had a vision in my mind and was able to create that image in life, which was rewarding.  I couldn’t wait until the cake was made and frosted so that I could start creating the image that was in my head.  I enjoyed making this cake because it allowed me to be creative and to use different textures for the cake. 

The cake is covered in butter cream frosting and then to decorate, I used brown sugar to make the sand, frosting for the grass and chocolate frosting to make the mud.  The pigs and other obstacle items are made out of fondant.  I made several pigs in advance to allow the pigs time to dry.  I also made the tire and wood obstacles in advance. 

This was the first time that I made pigs, let alone pigs that could fly.  I really enjoyed making the pigs and feel that they turned out super cute.  This cake was easier for me because I didn’t cover it in fondant.  Although I enjoy working with fondant, I find that frosting is less stressful for me.  I am very proud of this cake because it did come out the way that I envisioned it and everything went as planned.  The cake was a success and everyone really enjoyed it!