I just finished this Rambler cake yesterday. It took 2 weeks to make. I have never made a car or anything else for that matter out of rice krispy treats but thought I would give it a go, and this is the final result. It was for my mother’s birthday yesterday. An AMC 1962 Rambler station wagon you ask?  Well, that was my grandfather’s car and when he passed away my mother inherited it and she will never part with it.

My brother’s took it over and gave it a face lift and some new decals with little chickens on it as my grandfather used to refer to my mom as the “Lil Chick” and that’s what is on the licence plates.  Well, that was the inspiration for the cake topper. I have made many cakes in the past for mom’s birthday, but this is the only one that brought her to tears.  Thanks for your consideration in posting this cake, and indulging my little hobby.