I asked my (soon to be) 5 year old son what kind of birthday cake he wanted. He had just learned of NASCAR and like most kids Kyle Busch in the M&M car was his favorite and that’s what he wanted. I have just started decorating cakes a couple years ago so every cake i make now is practice to me and for some reason he always wants the ones that take me the longest. I had a hard time finding the cruiser pan since Wilton stopped making it so I had to get one for as cheap as I could off of eBay. It didn’t come with directions. I also figured the big square pan I had would fit it under the car for the flag, it didn’t. I did have the large rectangle pan which takes 16 cups of batter so I made four boxes of cake mix just for that one. The car I put two and a half boxes in.

Once the rectangle was cooled I cut a side off to make it more of a square. Put some Wilton lollipop sticks on it for support and cut out a piece of cake board wrapped in foil for the car. Then came decorating. Okay, so I was making this huge cake for my 5 year old’s birthday but I should also mention I have four kids and he is the oldest. So my home sounds and looks like a daycare with kids running everywhere. It’s not the best place to try and concentrate on decorating a cake.

I piped the flag on with butter cream and a round tip. I actually used the round tips for everything except the windows. I used a matchbox m&m car for a model and sugar sheets for the numbers. It took awhile but I liked it. My son loved it so it was worth all the trouble in the beginning.