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“Back in Time” Nintendo Cake for 30th Birthday!

For my husband’s 30th birthday, I wanted to do something extra special! He is a video game fanatic and grew up playing the original Nintendo Entertainment System. For his birthday, I threw a “Back in Time” party and decided to make the game system he spent so much of his childhood playing…The NES!

I wish I had step-by-step instructions, but I was in “the zone” and didn’t stop to take any photos.

Here’s How I Made This Nintendo Cake

I started by baking a 9×9 square cake (double stacked for height), cut and iced it.

I never took decorating classes, but I did watch a few youtube videos online. This was my first real attempt at making a creative cake, so I spent a good bit of time on the details because it was all trial and error for me.

After the cake was baked and dirty iced (a thin layer of icing to help hold in the crumbs), I covered the bottom half of the cake with gray/black fondant. Then I rolled out white fondant and covered the top half , cutting it to only cover about half-way down the side of the cake. Once the foundation was laid, the rest was up to details. Everything on the cake was edible and made from fondant icing. I left the smallest details for last (controller face & buttons).

Ultimately, it was a very long process, but I enjoyed it and more importantly I enjoyed my husband’s reaction. I was even shocked myself. One friend saw a picture and thought it was a real NES, which made me feel wonderful considering the amount of time I spent on it. I received so many compliments from family and friends, and it caused my friends to refer me to others for cakes.

It was WELL worth the time and effort put into it!

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