Coolest Light Up Xbox Cake

Coolest Light Up Xbox Cake

Hello! My name is Stephanie and I made this light up Xbox cake for my son. My kids keep me on my toes. Each year I let them pick out any kind of cake they would like for their birthday. This year my son asked for an Xbox cake. I had never made one before, but … Read more

“Back in Time” Nintendo Cake for 30th Birthday!

For my husband’s 30th birthday, I wanted to do something extra special! He is a video game fanatic and grew up playing the original Nintendo Entertainment System. For his birthday, I threw a “Back in Time” party and decided to make the game system he spent so much of his childhood playing…The NES! I wish … Read more

Cool X Box Contoller Cake

Cool X Box Contoller Cake

I used 2 x 13″ sheet butter cakes and layered with chocolate icing. I carved the cake and used a template. I then  crumb coated the cake with chocolate icing and covered with fondant. I made the buttons with fondant as well and colored them with food coloring. It was easy using the template as … Read more

Cool Xbox 360 Birthday Cake

Cool Xbox 360 Birthday Cake

This is an Xbox360 cake I made for a birthday party. I used chocolate cake with butter cream icing and used fondant for all the decor. I used my sons’ Xbox as a guide to put in all detail. This is my first time making an Xbox cake have never done it before.

Coolest Xbox Controller Birthday Cake

Coolest Xbox Controller Birthday Cake

I made this Xbox Controller birthday cake for my son’s friend, who (like my son) is addicted to playing Xbox! I covered a 14″x19″ cake board with green cake foil. I then started the cake by baking two 11″x15″ strawberry cakes and then layered them with strawberry butter cream. Using one of my son’s wireless controllers, … Read more

Nintendo 3DS Cake

Nintendo 3DS Cake

This Nintendo 3D cake was one I would never have thought I could do. The birthday boy loved Angry Birds and requested a Nintendo 3DS cake like his real one.  I wasn’t sure exactly how to pull this off for my friend’s son, but being a decent novice I decided to give it a try. After … Read more

Coolest Ninetendo’s Super Mario Brothers Birthday Cake

Nintendo's Super Mario Brothers Birthday Cake front view

As a kid, one of my favorite memories with my middle brother was playing Super Mario Brothers with him, so when his birthday came around this year, I decided to decorate it from those memories. I got a head start on this a couple of days before I made the cake.  The controllers are made … Read more

Coolest PS3 Birthday Cake

Coolest PS3 Birthday Cake

I used 3 cake mixes for this PS3 birthday cake and had some left over. The PS3 box was two squared and then the remote was 1 single layer that I cut into the shape. Always cover the cake in whatever frosting you like before rolling out and covering with fondant and this will make … Read more

Coolest XBOX 360 Cake

Coolest XBOX 360 Cake

A friend of my husband needed an Xbox cake for her son’s 16th birthday.  This was a surprise to him.  This was a 9×13 sheet cake covered in homemade fondant  and the remote was made with a 6 inch square cake pan.  He said”  It looks like the real thing!”  And “I love her for … Read more

Coolest XBOX 360 Birthday Cake

Homemade XBOX 360 Birthday Cake

I make cakes as a hobby, mainly for family members. My sister baked the cake for me, and I decorated it. This was my first attempt at a XBOX 360 Birthday Cake and I was pretty happy with it. I’m sure the next one will be much better. Thanks for looking.

Coolest Homemade XBOX 360 Controller Cake

Homemade  XBOX 360 Controller Cake

To make this Homemade XBOX 360 Controller Cake I baked two 9×13 cakes. I used an xbox 360 controller as my guide and drew a free hand outline of the controller large enough to fill almost a whole sheet of paper. I then cut it out and traced it onto wax paper. I cut the … Read more

Coolest Nintendo Cake

Homemade Nintendo Cake

This Nintendo Cake was a labor of love! I started with a basic 8″ square chocolate cake. Easy part done! I then frosted the bottom half with dark gray buttercream, the top with light gray and let is sit for several hours. (I added a second layer of light gray later to get the effect … Read more

Coolest X-box Cake

Homemade X-box Cake

My nephew is 13 and asked for an Xbox cake for his birthday. My sister and I decided to try and make one instead of buying one (if we even knew where to find one). Kyle was the happiest 13 year old I’ve seen when he saw the cake. He didn’t want to cut it. … Read more

Coolest PlayStation Birthday Cake Ideas for Kids 6

The controller wire is also fondant. I used a knife to score the designs on the cake. I used a small circle cookie cutter to cutout pieces of fondant for the controller. I shaped the ones for the joysticks and I attached the pieces with a dab of water. The colored parts are icing. Everyone … Read more

Coolest Nintendo DS Pokemon Cake

Homemade Nintendo DS Pokemon Cake

I made this Nintendo DS Pokemon cake for a little boy who was 9 and loved Pokemon and got a red Nintendo for his birthday. The cake is a chocolate 13 x 9 sheet cake made from scratch. I then froze it and covered it in chocolate butter cream icing. I coated it in red … Read more

Coolest Wii Console Cake

Homemade Wii Console Cake

This Wii Console Cake was inspired by picture Wii 16 on this site, so thank you Heather R. My boyfriend loves video games and has many consoles but as this was my first attempt at making a decorated cake, I thought I would try to keep it simple. I baked a 9″ square lemon sponge … Read more

Coolest Playstation 3 Console Cake

Homemade Playstation 3 Console Cake

My partner is a playstation freak so it made sense to make him a Playstation 3 Console Cake. I was originally going to make one of the hand controllers but as it was my first ever celebration cake I thought that I had better start out simple and work my way up the cake making … Read more

Coolest PlayStation Birthday Cake Ideas for Kids 7

I made a 9×13 cake and lightly frosted it with icing. I then colored white fondant black and rolled it out to cover the cake. I put some fondant to the side once it was gray to make the cord and controller. The controller is made entirely out of fondant. I cut the various buttons … Read more

Coolest XBOX Cake

Marifer Lazo, N.L. Mexico

I made this XBox cake for my, at the time, boyfriend. He really liked playing video games, and he’s favorite console was the XBOX 360 so I decided to bake this cake. First, I baked 3 rectangular cakes.Then I overlaped 2 of them (which would later be the console), I added the frosting (which is … Read more

Coolest Xbox 360 Kids Birthday Cake

Homemade Xbox 360 Kids Birthday Cake

I made this Xbox 360 Kids Birthday Cake for a friend of my son whose birthday party was at a game lounge. He loves his Xbox, too! First I measured our Xbox to try to get the cake to be about the same size. Then I baked a sheet cake and cut out the shape … Read more

Coolest Homemade Playstation Birthday Cake

Homemade Playstation Birthday Cake

My son wanted a Homemade Playstation Birthday Cake for his 11th birthday. This was the first time I used fondant (usually used buttercream on my cakes) and boy had I wished I used gloves, the black dye made a huge mess! Its a yellow cake with chocolate icing, covered in black dyed font, all is … Read more

Coolest PlayStation Birthday Cake Ideas for Kids 8

For the cake I searched your site and found this birthday cake ideas for kids. I used a Duncan Hines French Vanilla mix. Duncan Hines works so great. There is never a question of the taste or consistency. I used an 11 x 15 pan. After it cooled to room temperature, I then froze the … Read more

Coolest Xbox Birthday Cake

Homemade Xbox Birthday Cake

This Xbox Birthday Cake is Devils food cake baked in 13×9 pans. Once cooled I placed both in the freezer then I took the box of ice cream out of the freezer (Cookies and Cream) and cut it into slices, box included, so that it would cut evenly instead of scooping and placed it in … Read more