Cool Homemade Barn Birthday Cake

This Barn Birthday Cake was for our son Ryan for his first birthday. We had a large amount of people to feed to it was quite large. The base for the cake was a giant chocolate chip bar cookie. I cut a circle out where the pond would go first. I iced the cookie in green and piped star tip around the edge.

The barn was made from 2 cakes. One baked in a loaf pan and the other in an 8×8. Cut the 8×8 in half so you have 3 cakes to work with. The barn was the entire loaf cake and the roof was made by cutting the 8×8 into triangles and put them together to make the roof shape. We iced the barn in red and the roof in chocolate with Golden Grahams as the roof tiles. The door was a graham cracker with a candy heart for the door (our boy was born on Valentine’s Day so all his cakes will have a heart on them somewhere). The silo is a stack of Ding Dongs with icing between them to make them stick. The top of the silo is just a white muffin cup. We ran a wooden skewer down the middle for support. The driveway is crushed graham crackers. The pond was made by pouring blue jello in a small round dish to set – then we dropped it inside the circle.

That’s about it! It did take a long time to make this – but we think it came out great and it fed everyone cookies AND cake too!


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