Coolest BBQ Fun Day Cupcakes

Friends were having a BBQ and I had seen these cute cupcakes in a magazine. Theme was perfect for the day so I decided to make these BBQ cupcakes. I had an arrangement of little hamburgers, hot dogs with buns, then hot dogs kabobs and pork chops on the “grill” and the campfire with some marshmallows.

The hot dog with the buns are made with caramel and vanilla wafers and colored frosting for either ketchup or mustard. The hamburgers are made with vanilla wafers, chocolate covered mint cookies, red and green gum drops flattened out to make “tomato and lettuce”.

The BBQ grill I made with chocolate frosting, and orange sugar, then added gray lines for the grill and put on top of them, red fruit candy, the caramels with the white cream for the pork chops, and gummy bears cut up into small pieces put on a  toothpick for the kabobs.

The campfire ones are made with pretzel sticks, gum drops flattened and cut into triangle shapes for flames, and marshmallows on a stick.

Fun day and everyone enjoyed the cupcakes!

BBQ Cupcakes

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